Colonic irrigation in Greenwich

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 24th November 2018

Bowel cleansing or colon hydrotherapy has a beneficial effect on the entire body. Colonic irrigation in Greenwich contributes to the treatment of dysbiosis. Colonic therapy is comfortable and safe if performed by specialists.
Colon Hydrotherapy promotes the treatment of dysbiosis. Favourable conditions for the development of “good” microflora are created in the empty bowels. These hard-working “horses” not only contribute to the digestive process and enhance the absorption of trace elements, but also synthesise such vital substances as amino acids, proteins, vitamin K, and B vitamins; have a protective immunomodulatory effect.
Hydromassage of the colon, the temperature gradient of the injected water acting as a contrast shower, massage of the intestinal reflex points through the abdominal wall restore the motor function of the intestine and harmonise the work of many organs and systems due to the impact on the reflexogenic zones and the vegetative nervous system. Its mezasympathetic division, otherwise known as the “ventral nervous system,” cosily settled in layers of tissue, covering the inner walls of the oesophagus, stomach, colon and small intestines. The restoration of intestinal functions is important for the mechanism of self-purification of the body, as well as for the liver, which receives a kind of “rest” as a result of colonic hydrotherapy. This organ is our biochemical laboratory that processes cholesterol, sex hormones and toxic substances that are absorbed into the blood from the intestines, then destroyed in the liver and removed from the body.

Efficacy and safety of Colonic irrigation in Greenwich

In addition to the clinical improvement of many diseases, we see confirmation of the therapeutic effect following the results of laboratory studies:

  • the number of eosinophils decreases (blood cells, the number of which is increased in autoimmune diseases),
  • cholesterol levels are reduced,
  • the level of sex hormones is normalised.

If we talk about the safety and comfort of the Colonic irrigation in Greenwich, we have the following. A powerful filter system, including bactericidal, a water ozonation system and an individual sterile set for each patient eliminated the question of the danger of infections.
Special preparation for colon hydrotherapy is not required, but there is a small instruction:

  • You should not drink carbonated drinks and eat fatty foods on the day of the procedure.
  • Do not eat two hours before the procedure
  • Do not drink two hours before the treatment

A unique feeling of “inner purity” appears after the procedure of the Colonic irrigation in Greenwich.