Colonic therapy

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This treatment may last up to one hour and includes consultation

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    The therapist was very informative and knowledgeable. I explained some of my symptoms and he was able to provide some useful nutritional information along with the colon cleanse. He explained the procedure very clearly and everything was done very efficiently and seamlessly in a tidy room. Only thing is that I was told that when I left that everything would’ve cleared out and that wasn’t the case on my way home. Luckily I wasn’t far.

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    Aisha Natamkar (verified owner)

    Giving this a three star review as this was my first time having a colonic and I do not have a comparable experience. However I found this to be an unpleasant experience. The treatment was in complete silence and I was not given any advice on the procedure or what happens after. I had to keep asking questions, baring in mind I didn’t even know what was supposed to be happening. Overall the atmosphere very uncomfortable and I would not recommend.

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