Mini Detox – Course of three Colonic Irrigations in London

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An intensive course of three colonic sessions taken over seven days to kick start a detox cleansing regime.
Colonic irrigations is not something that people tend to discuss with their families and friends, so the best way to discover the necessity and benefits of colonic cleansing is to research and discover. With a little research, you can find that cleansing the colon is not only necessary, but you will feel better when you are finished. The cleansing process is made up of an initial consultation and irrigation, and the treatment regimen is discussed and decided on during that consultation. Because of the dangers, ailments and diseases related to an unclean colon, it is important to be informed and conscientious of your body and bodily functions.

Colonic Irrigations in London

Common ailments that relate to an uncleansed colon are irregular bowel movements, chronic constipation, infectious diseases, food poisoning, sedentary life and a carbohydrate-filled diet. It is necessary to rid your body of the bactericides and fungal infections so that your body’s natural probiotics can take over and help provide you with a happier and healthier lifestyle.
Some of the common diseases and illnesses that are related to an unhealthy colon include chronic constipation, IBS, diverticulitis, hemorrhoids and hernia. A colonic irrigations will help to resolve those issues in a way that is healthy and effective to your body. The initial consultation and cleansing will happen in our London office, and it will lay out the best plan for you and your body. To analyze your health and functions, the initial cleansing will take place during the consultation. We are here to help you become informed and maintain that healthier lifestyle. Our office in London is dedicated to helping patients discover better ways to increase their colon’s health.

5 reviews for Mini Detox – Course of three Colonic Irrigations in London

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    R.N. London

    Antony was great – his recommendation on using an alkalising treatment worked like magic- felt immensely better after 3 sessions. Also recommend the liver cleansing add on – aids digestion like nothing else. Very respectful and well serviced local practice. Highly recommend it.*

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    Ruth Silverstone

    Anthony is an excellent practitioner. With him I feel confident and safe and not in the least bit awkward. Having colonic irrigation can be an embarrassing experience, but he instills a sense of calm. The process itself is immensely helpful and I feel so much better after the treatment. For Anthony it is just like business as usual and this “normalising” of the process is what makes me keep coming back for further treatments. I think he runs a very sound business and he knows his profession very well. He clearly researches updates in the field, and he tells me about the latest discoveries. All in all I give the service five stars!

    Thank you!
    Ruth *

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    Nike Fontaine

    Parkland Natural Health Clinic provide an excellent service. I am very please with their professionalism. Olena did a wonderful job on me in the last three sections. I felt so relieved afterwards. Thank you for a job well done.*

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    Olga Valery

    I do colonics on a regular basis and I have had a few of them in USA and UK before I booked my treatment at Parkland. I was very pleased with the experience as the treatment room was very clean and the equipment well maintained. The colonic therapist was very skilled and highly professional. I’d even say one of the best available in London.*

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    Colonic Irrigation made me feel better. I will definitely come again *

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Welcome to the website of the Parkland Natural Health, based in Holborn, Central London. The Parkland Natural Health is a Family run business with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Our modern lifestyle based on processed foods, lack of sleep and exercise as well as ongoing stress is a key reason why so many people suffer from colon toxity and its many symptoms including constipation, bloating gas, fatigue, weight gain, excessive mucous, headaches and poor skin. The Parkland Natural Health services are powerful tools in our detoxification programme to help you regain and sustain health. Correctly administered colonic irrigation treatments represent the most natural, relaxing, painless and effective way to allow your colon and indirectly your overall body to heal itself. We offer colonic hydrotherapy to help you drastically reduce the level of toxicity in your body, alleviate and in some cases completely eradicate related symptoms.

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