What are the recipes of intestinal cleansing?

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 19th September 2018
What are the recipes of intestinal cleansing? - colonic irrigation

If you regularly clean the intestines, you can significantly reduce the risk of various problems, but without guarantees. Recipes of intestinal cleansing are presented in a wide range today.

There are many symptoms on which you can learn about the need for colonic irrigation:

  • Problems with the stool expressed in the form of constipation, diarrhoea and flatulence;
  • Belching after every meal, even minor, bloating and heartburn;
  • Noticeable bloating after eating, unpleasant sensations in the abdomen and a feeling of heaviness;
  • Frequent respiratory diseases;
  • A stale breath, even with regular care of the oral cavity;
  • You suffer from insomnia, lethargy and become apathetic.


Even though all of the above factors may seem blurred and suitable for other diseases and dysfunctions, first of all, they talk let know of the accumulation of toxins and problems with the intestines.

So, hopefully, at this stage, we have convinced you already that you need to cleanse the bowels.

The gut needs to be flushed periodically. Recipes of intestinal cleansing can be as holistic as medical.

What are the basic recipes of intestinal cleansing?

Before proceeding to this matter, you need to know about some rules, so that the procedure will be carried out with the highest possible benefit and without unpleasant consequences.

Be guided by the following points:

  • If you give preference to cleansing the intestines with holistic remedies at home, then apply them to yourself only as a preventive measure. You should be with good overall health. Any acute condition and those that have not been studied by a qualified physician are a contraindication to cleansing.
  • Pay attention to your diet. We insist on the exclusion of all kinds of fried and smoked dishes. Also, discard the pickled and hot spices.
  • You may diversify the menu with lots of beneficial vegetables. Besides, you need fibre and food rich in vitamins and minerals. Vegetables, fruits and berries are for the entire time of cleansing.
  • Drink as much water as possible. It will speed up the cleansing process and give a long-lasting and profound result. Drink more water. You can dilute it with a small amount of lemon juice if desired.



Remember that taking care of the intestines is your direct responsibility if you want to keep your health and youth. Someone can tell you that such measures as regular cleansing are excess because the body has everything to maintain and perform its functions in case of failures.

What are the recipes of intestinal cleansing? In part, this is true: a few dozen years ago, before the technical revolutions, such words were relevant.

But the quality of food and ecology were incomparably better, and such cleansing methods resorted only when necessary. The colon cleansing brings good results. However, colonic irrigation in the clinic will be much better, and it is carried out by professionals.