A quick way to remove fat from the sides once and for all

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 6th September 2018

Nobody promises any easy ways; remember the essential principle of any life changes – do not harm. The approach to the process of losing weight should be comprehensive for a reliable and safe result! A quick way to remove fat from the sides once and for all.

If you decide to exclude a visit to a dietician and do not want exhausting workouts in the gym, such a task becomes even more complicated. An alternative to supervision by a dietitian and fitness trainer may be to fight excess weight at home – only motivation and strong-willed effort are essential.

Basic settings

A quick way to remove fat from the sides once and for all exists. Here are the basic settings for getting rid of excess fat in the love handles and on the stomach:

  • sufficient motivation and dream of a beautiful shape;
  • an appropriate diet, without which fat will not disappear;
  • a competent complex of physical exercises;
  • a systematic approach to weight loss.

Seven simple tips for a quick way to remove fat from the sides once and for all

Avoid stress.

In stressful situations, the body increases cortisol, a hormone that promotes the accumulation of fat on the stomach. Use proved remedies to soothe: extract of valerian, motherwort, glycine, afobazole; teach your loved ones to do a relaxing massage.

Limit the use of alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol also increases the amount of cortisol and promotes the appearance of fat deposits in the waist. Besides, it becomes difficult to control hunger during alcohol intake.

Exclude high-calorie foods from the diet.

Alas, it is impossible to get rid of unnecessary ballast. A quick way to remove fat from the sides always presumes to change your menu for at least a couple of weeks.

Eat less starch, more fibre.

The diet should include as many green and red vegetables as possible, but there is no starch. Fibre, contained in plants, helps to reduce weight. Its fibres fill the stomach, and the person does not suffer from hunger. Also, diversify the diet with wild or brown rice, poultry meat and fish.

Make a list of banned food

Remove any meat cooked on fire from the diet – cook using a steamer. Forget about fast food, chips and crackers, milkshakes, ice cream. Instead of them, prepare dietary snacks: slices of carrots or green apples, fresh berries.

Not all fruits are equally useful.

Avoid fruits with a high content of fructose, which quickly saturates the liver with glycogen and only intensifies appetite: pomegranate, cherry, grapes and others.

Drink plenty of water.

During the day, consume at least 2 litres of water. Water accelerates the metabolism and removes toxins. Besides, colonic irrigation may help clean the body inside in the process of a quick way to remove fat from the sides once and for all.