A remedy for the intestinal cleansing before the colonoscopy

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 26th September 2018
A remedy for the intestinal cleansing before the colonoscopy. Colonic irrigation in Sutton

Remedy for intestinal cleansing before the colonoscopy. Colonoscopy is a technique for endoscopic examination of the intestine to detect pathologies. For the results to be accurate, cleaning the colon before the procedure is required because the remnants of food and stool can significantly distort the study picture.

Several techniques help to prepare for a colonoscopy properly. In some of them, a remedy for intestinal cleansing before the colonoscopy. However, colonic hydrotherapy causes much more minor inconvenience and can be done at our clinic in Holborn, London.

Doctors advise

The doctor advises the patient about how to prepare before the procedure. First, you need to control your diet. It is advisable to exclude fibre products such as nuts, dried fruits, vegetables and fruits, and whole-grain bread. We can drink more fluids such as chicken broth, apple or grape juice, and green tea.

Doctors advise not eating or drinking at all on the colonoscopy day.

Another necessary measure is cleansing the bowels, without which the doctor can not see the intestinal wall to assess its condition.

A laxative drug for emptying the intestine before the examination will have the same effect as an ordinary enema.

A laxative remedy for intestinal cleansing before the colonoscopy or an enema?

The fact is that not many people can use an enema. That’s why most patients tend to take laxative medications. Many patients say laxative drugs cause significantly more minor inconvenience than an enema kit. Taking medication is comfortable, convenient and safe. You can also empty the bowels with laxatives at home. They act profoundly and remove all waste from the colon.

The preparatory stage is quite long and brings a lot of inconveniences. To make it easier, pay attention to the following recommendations:

Check with the attending physician for all the nuances of the upcoming examination. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact a specialist again.


Get a laxative beforehand, again on the advice of a doctor. To be completely ready, buy everything you need: wet wipes, Vaseline, and Desitin.

Set aside all your business and stay at home. If you are caring for children, ask your relatives or friends to help.

The procedure for cleansing the colon is unpleasant, but studying its condition without it is impossible. A specialist should select a remedy for intestinal cleansing before the colonoscopy.

And if you want to avoid inconvenience, it’s better to turn to professionals for the procedure of monitored colonic irrigation.