Anti-wrinkle injections Botox

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 12th April 2019
Anti-wrinkle injections Botox

Anti-wrinkle injections Botox ® is a simple non-surgical procedure that relaxes the muscles of your face to smooth deep, on the forehead and around eyes. One 10-minute treatment – a few tiny injections will keep muscles relaxed for up to 4 month.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers used to treat wrinkles are bio-stimulants of the body’s own collagen and consist of non-animal based hyaluronic acid. Which is a substance that is naturally present in living cells. Filler injected into the skin in small amounts. A very fine needle and have a lasting result of up to 9-12 months and even longer after subsequent treatments.


Anti-wrinkle injections Botox can combine with dermal fillers to optimise and enhance results. Your specialist will discuss the best option for you depending on your type of skin wrinkles.

Results can seen immediately and treatment with fillers is safe, fast and leaves no permanent scars or other traces on the face. Fillers add natural volume in your skin to lift and produce new firmness resulting in a healthy and vital appearance.

The amount of dermal filler needed is decided by the specialist during the consultation and varies from person to person depending on the depth of the line or wrinkle. As a general guide lip treatments require approximately 1 ml of dermal filler, and nose to mouth wrinkles require approximately 2 ml.


The treatments carrie out by qualified Aesthetic Practitioners with medical and dental background. Years of experience of working for NHS and private clinics in London. They provide a comprehensive aftercare regime following your Anti-wrinkle injections Botox ® and Dermal Fillers treatments.

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