Aqualyx Treatment of Localised Adiposity

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 13th August 2018

Aqualyx treatment of localised obesityThe method of intralipotherapy with the application of the drug Aqualyx is a new world standard for correcting local fat deposits without surgery. It is an injection technique specially developed by the professor of the University of Ferrara (Italy), vice-president of the Italian Society for Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery Pascual Motolese for the introduction of the drug of lipolytic action Aqualyx. This method involves the injection of the drug in adipose tissue, specially designed needles Lipoinject strict compliance with the protocol procedure. The infusion of the drug through intralipotherapy is virtually painless and does not require additional anaesthesia. Aqualyx treatment of localised obesity can be performed at our clinic in Chiswick, London.
At the moment, Aqualyx is the only injectable drug that gradually and selectively reduces the volume of local fat deposits without causing damaging effects on the skin and muscles. The method is advantageous, but its use in complex therapy gives more meaningful results, given the fact that at the moment there are basically no procedures for eliminating local fat deposits effective as monotherapy in a non-surgical way.

Aqualyx treatment of localised adiposity: the method and mechanism of action

The process is based on the principle of creating conditions for acceptable efficacy and maximum safety for the patient with a decrease in the volume of local fat deposits: Use of the drug Aqualyx. The use of individual needles Lipoinject. Subcutaneous fan injection technique. The possibility of combining this technique with physiotherapeutic and manual methods of correction of local fat deposits, for example, LPG liposculpture massage or thermolipolysis by ReAction Viora equipment.
Aqualyx treatment of localised adiposity when injected into adipose tissue, using the technique of intralipotherapy, “dissolves” the membrane of the fat cell, contributing to its progressive destruction, while the drainage functions of the lymphatic system are activated. Thanks to the gel structure of the drug, a local effect on fat tissue are guaranteed, without systemic influence on the body. Thus, the essence of the lipolytic action is as follows:
The three-dimensional polymer of galactose captures the molecule of the active substance, working as a “sponge” – while ensuring a “slow release” system.
12 alpha-dihydroxy-5 beta-24-desoxycholic acid sodium salt produces destruction of fat cells.
Aqualyx treatment of localised adiposity is a great way to get rid of excess weight.