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Angular cheilitis

3 Jul 2018 wellness-studio.co.uk

guba1.jpgCheilitis of lips is a common phenomenon. However, most people suffering from this do not even suspect that the damage to the mucous membrane and the skin of the lips is a severe pathology.
Angular cheilitis is a disease associated with an inflammatory process that affects the mucous membrane as well as the red border of the lips. Also, any abnormal change in the epithelial layer of the lips that co-occurs with severe internal disease or a sharp deterioration in the immune system is called cheilitis.
The disposition of damaged areas may not be limited to lip inflammation. In addition to the dislocation on the upper and lower lip, as well as in the corners of the mouth (the so-called "angular cheilitis"), such inflammatory foci can appear in many parts of the body, especially on the mucous membranes. The problem of painful lesion of the lip area is that the protective layer of the lips is damaged, while they stay exposed to external negative impacts, resulting in overdrying, microcracks' formation and infections.

What Angular Cheilitis is caused by and how to treat it?

The causes of painful lesions of lips' mucous membrane are the harmful impacts of the environment, sharp temperature changes in winter and summer, leading to weathering, drying and cracking. Excessive intake of spicy, hot, salty and acidic foods can also cause inflammation. Besides, the following reasons contribute to the development of cheilitis:
pore clogging, leading to peeling, irritation and allergic reactions;
contact allergies and dermatoses arising from the contact of the lips with harmful chemical compounds;
systemic diseases of the endocrine system, congenital and acquired immunodeficiencies;
severe illnesses such as tuberculosis of the skin, lichen, syphilis can cause lesions of the lips too;
diseases that develop due to long-term stress, such as psoriasis and eczema, can cause complications in the area of lips;
genetic causes of cheilitis are possible, for example, in cases of ichthyosis;
internal diseases can affect the development of the inflammatory process, which increases the risk of damage to the lips due to complications of liver function or failure of the gastrointestinal tract;
a sharp deterioration of the body's resistance against cancer or its treatment (with chemotherapy) also leads to a violation of the natural protection of the lips.
Angular cheilitis requires specific treatment, depending on the type and cause of its development. It is reasonable for many people who faced this problem to ask which doctor treats angular cheilitis. Strangely enough, but you need to go to the dentist.


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