Colonic hydrotherapy of the intestine: what are the general rules?

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 2nd June 2018
How to lose weight better. Adiposity is a hypothalamic disease. Colonic hydrotherapy of the intestine: what are the general rules?

Colonic hydrotherapy of the intestine is an apparatus purification procedure.

In contrast to the usual enema cleansing of the intestine, which cleanses only the rectum, colon hydrotherapy offers cleaning of all parts of the bowel.

Colon hydrotherapy is a helpful procedure for those patients who have no contraindications.


Contraindications for colonic hydrotherapy are

  • the postoperative period,
  • the state of pregnancy,
  • and many other diseases.

Repopulation of intestines with beneficial microflora is a vital measure after colon hydrotherapy. A supportive, healthy diet is exceptionally desirable to maintain a lasting result.

It is certainly possible to achieve good results. First, prepare for an apparatus procedure to cleanse the large intestine.

Three days before colon hydrotherapy, you need to limit the consumption of meaty and fatty foods. Avoid eating wheat and rye bread baked with bran, fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes, carbonated drinks, and alcohol. On the day of colonic hydrotherapy, you can eat as usual. However, the last meal should be no later than one hour before the procedure. Besides, don’t drink anything at least two hours before the treatment.

Colonic hydrotherapy of the intestine: a necessity

To understand this, looking at the surrounding reality soberly is necessary. The World Health Organization says less than 7% of people are healthy.

All these substances are external toxins that attack our bodies every day. Also, the body accumulates internal toxins in the life activities of cell decay.


When the toxin’s accumulation becomes excessive, problems appear. Moreover, it disrupts homeostasis. A person would experience fatigue, headaches, lousy sleep, skin rashes and an inability to resist infections. Besides, digestive problems attach. If you delay acting, the risk of developing chronic diseases increases dramatically.

Due to this reason, various programs of body detoxification are so popular. In short, colonic hydrotherapy of the intestine is integral to any detox.