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Cleansing the intestine before the operation

15 Sep 2018 wellness-studio.co.uk

Cleansing the intestine before the operation Before the operation on the abdominal cavity, the cleansing of the bowel is most often required. This is done so that the surgeon can operate the pathological site in more comfortable conditions, as well as to prevent infection. Some food remains on the walls of the intestines during digestion, causing "slagging" of the body. Cleansing of the gut before the operation is carried out in several ways.
Before the operation, you need to consult with your doctor about the choice of the method of purification. Do not forget about contraindications. Most often, enemas or laxatives are used. An important role is played by the diet on the eve of surgery, the food should be "slagless." 12 hours before the operation, you should not eat, so the stomach and the intestines should be empty.
Cleansing of the intestine before the operation can be carried out by an enema with warm boiled water. The liquid is introduced into the lower part of the large intestine to release the stool.
Laxatives used to cleanse before surgery.
The mechanism of their action is different: increased peristalsis or dilution of stool. The use of laxatives is safe and effective, but the dosage should only be determined by the attending physician.

Holistic and professional methods of intestinal cleansing before surgery

You can cleanse the body with holistic methods.
  • Cleansing the intestines with salt water.
  • Following this method, you need to drink about 12 glasses of salted water for 1-1.5 hours. Add sea or table salt (1 teaspoon per litre) to warm boiled water. The procedure is best done in the morning on an empty stomach. Between the water intake, it is helpful to do exercises for better passage of water through the intestines. You can perform slopes, body twists, squats.
  • To cleanse the body, you can prepare a water tincture of ashberry. Mash and stir one tablespoon of berries in a glass of boiled water. Allow to brew for about 10 hours and take during the day.
  • Bran will help to cleanse the body for 10 days. Take 6-7 g (a teaspoon) up to 3 times a day, gradually increasing the dose.
  • Beet juice after pressing is put in the refrigerator for 2 hours. Drink 3 times a day, preferably before meals. It can be diluted with carrot juice to improve the taste. The daily dose is not more than 100 ml.
Colonic Irrigation in our clinic in London is the most effective and reliable remedy for cleansing the intestine before the operation. Colonic Hydrotherapy is a safe, gradual washing of the bowels with purified water, without the use of chemicals. Colonic Hydrotherapy is a natural procedure that does not violate the physical mechanism of the intestine functioning.


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