Procedure for Colonic hydrotherapy

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 22nd June 2018

Colon hydrotherapy an intestinal cleansing method (enema) done mechanically using specially designed equipment, as said by most surgeon-proctologists. This procedure is very effective against chronic constipation, metabolic disorders, allergies, obesity and some skin diseases. Sometimes it is prescribed in cases of alcohol, drug or poison intoxication.
During the procedure, a medicinal aqueous solution, or warm filtered water, is passed into the colon via a small tube to remove old mucus and faecal matter. The doctor monitors the temperature, pressure, and the flow rate of the water, taking into account the patient’s condition.
During the treatment, the doctor can change the temperature of the water to contract and relax the muscles of the intestine, thereby improving the functionality of the intestine. Sometimes, after an intense cleaning session, the patient could be in a semi-conscious state, which is due to the sudden change in intra-abdominal pressure (though this is common after normal enemas). Therefore, colon hydrotherapy must be carried out only under the supervision of a specialist.

Benefits of Colonic hydrotherapy.

Colon hydrotherapy is a safe procedure, that requires a mandatory visit with a proctologist, gastroenterologist or surgeon beforehand. After an examination, a specialist will decide whether it is suitable to prescribe a colon hydrotherapy treatment, for example, if the patient suffers from diverticular colitis. This method of purification is contraindicated for pregnant women, patients with an aneurysm and those who have suffered a heart attack, stroke or other heart diseases. The procedure is particularly dangerous for those with intestinal bleeding, rectal fissures, abdominal hernia, oncological diseases or Crohn’s disease. If the patient is affected by any of the previously listed conditions, it is recommended to do just an ordinary water enema under the close supervision of a doctor. It is vital to undergo colon hydrotherapy twice each week. If the first couple sessions have passed normally and the patient plans to continually go through the procedure, they are required to receive an x-ray of their intestine. It will clearly outline the contour of the gut and indicate any signs or absences of physical damage.
There is a chance that useful microflora in the intestine can be washed away along with other toxins, though it impossible to completely wash away all of the microflora in the body and is momentarily restored within an hour back to equilibrium. Probiotics and diets containing lactic acid are sometimes prescribed to patients before colon hydrotherapy sessions to increase the number of positive effects on the biocoenosis of the intestine.