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Colonic irrigation in Windsor

1 Jan 2019 wellness-studio.co.uk

Colonic irrigation in Windsor Colonic irrigation in Windsor or colon hydrotherapy is a highly effective medical technology aimed at freeing the body from harmful substances, toxins, pathogens, which result in significantly improved health, efficiency, normalised metabolic processes and stimulated immunological factors.
Methods for cleaning and washing the bowels are known to medicine from time immemorial. Nowadays enemas, clysters and other archaic devices have been replaced by sophisticated equipment that provides computer control over temperature and pressure. This avoids overstretching of the colon and pain associated with it.
In the process of Colonic irrigation in Windsor, water with the addition of various medicinal herbal extracts or mineral solutions that normalise the intestinal microflora is introduced into the rectum through a speculum, while the entire colon is washed, which can reach one meter in length. The procedure is safe: irrigation is carried out by a specialist, who uses sterile rectal speculums. After the process, the patient feels pleasantly light, overall health improves, eruptions and inflammation disappear, the skin becomes more elastic than before, swelling decreases, weight decreases, immune system and vitality boost.

The need for Colonic irrigation in Windsor

  • Detoxification
  • Removal of hardened faecal masses
  • Body rejuvenation
  • Enhance body tone
  • The normalisation of metabolic processes
  • Skin condition improvement
A healthy intestine is responsible for the absorption of water and many vital substances, including vitamins. However, we all sin with unhealthy diets, suffer from stress and acquire chronic gastrointestinal diseases, resulting in problems with food digestion, constipation, and gas accumulation.
The delay of excretory products in the intestines contributes to the processes of fermentation and decomposition. As a result, toxins are formed, which easily penetrate into the blood, and the beneficial microflora is on the verge of death.
Besides, food abundant in preservatives and dyes contributes to the formation of a large amount of parietal mucus, disrupting the process of absorption in the intestine. The goal of Colonic irrigation in Windsor is to remove the contents of the colon mechanically.


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