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What are the symptoms of bowel disease?

31 Jul 2018 wellness-studio.co.uk

Bowel disease symptoms and signsDoctors, as well as most people who are not related to medicine, know diseases of the intestine, the symptoms and their treatments. Timely attention to your health and seeking medical help in the presence of typical symptoms would help make the process of intestinal therapy more successful.
Bowel disease symptoms and signs of the disease show quite unique. Although the same trait may indicate different diseases, it is, in any case, the reason for seeking a doctor for a diagnosis. The main symptoms of bowel disease:
- Stool disorders - constipation or diarrhoea. Typically, diarrhoea is an indicator of colitis or enteritis, while the cause of constipation is the problem with intestinal motility. However, more accurate determination of what caused the disorders of the stool will be assisted by the laboratory study of faecal matter in combination with other methods of research.
- Abdominal pain. Based on the nature and localisation of pain, the physician can pre-diagnose the disease; For example, the rectal illness leads to intense pain in the lower abdomen.
- Bleeding. The symptom is typical in the presence of ulcerative lesions of the intestine. Abundant bleeding of the ulcer leads to so-called tar stains, whereas in the pathology of the lower intestine the blood does not mix with the faeces and is clearly visible visually.

What are the symptoms of bowel disease and their treatment?

To the main symptoms in various cases can be added excessive formation of gases, loss of appetite and general deterioration of the health of the body, caused by the inability of the unhealthy intestine to digest nutrients that enter the body with food correctly.
Symptoms of bowel disease, treatment of which is arranged by the doctor, bring significant discomfort, especially with acute leakage.
In most cases, the main thing that needs to be done is to take away the pain, which is the reason for anaesthetics of general action. If the pain is caused by a delay in the stool in the intestines (constipation), you should take a laxative or use glycerin suppositories to facilitate defecation. Those who suffer from diarrhoea, to prevent dehydration of the body from participating in antidiarrhoeal drugs. But with the food intake, you should be more careful. You may have to refrain from eating temporarily, to exclude irritating effects on the intestines.
However, in any case, the most critical thing is the doctor's advice. Do not self-medicate. Because the same symptoms of bowel disease can indicate an utterly different condition.


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