Causes of obesity

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 26th July 2018

There are different reasons for obesityThe fight against excess weight must always begin with the identification of the cause of the formation of extra pounds. Imbalance in energy metabolism causes obesity in many people.
Growing up, we become lazy and do not willingly engage in additional physical exertion. And there are extra folds. And for some people, excess folds are signalling a hidden disease that needs to be identified and eliminated.
Unfortunately, many are overweight due to their heredity. There are different reasons for obesity.
According to statistics, 80% of children will inherit obesity from their parents if both parents are overweight. In a family where one parent is obese, the probability of having a baby with an increased weight is 50%. Even if both parents have a healthy weight in the family, the likelihood of inheriting obesity is 10%, thanks to grandmothers, grandfathers and distant relatives.
In this case, it is possible to fight with excess weight only medically.
Obesity is a disease of our civilisation. Sometimes the cause is banal promiscuity in eating. A primitive prehistoric man was not obese, he physically active a lot and ate rough, raw food. At present, we have at our disposal products that are very pleasant to taste and have a high-calorie content.

Causes of obesity are in nutrition and physical activity

Revise your diet. Eating all sorts of food indiscriminately is not good. Try to overcome appetite with simple methods or medicinal herbs.
Eat more raw vegetables and fruits. Do not forget about food that increases metabolism what helps us burn fat, even without physical activity.
Drink lots of clean water. Try to drink a glass of water before each meal and immediately feel how your appetite has decreased at times! Pure water perfectly cleanses the kidneys as well.
The lack of physical activity is another cause of obesity.
There are two types of physical activity: planned and unplanned. To planned physical activity include hiking in the gym, swimming pool, tennis, running. This type of physical activity is increasing in recent times, but only for a small part of the population.
Unplanned physical activity, on the contrary, decreased, due to the increased comforts of modern life: remote control, elevators, cars, escalators, modern telephones throughout the house and so on.
Try to understand, that to prevent the accumulation of fat is not so complicated compared to the treatment of obesity. I do not have time to go to the gym now, and so I try to engage in unscheduled physical activity whenever possible. Living on the 9th floor, I always come down the stairs from the top level instead of using a lift. I walk(before it 2 stops) to the nearest supermarket, and come back on foot too. I do not want to gain fat lying on the sofa, and then convulsively run around the gym and lose weight suffering.
These were the leading causes of obesity. Colonic Irrigation will improve the body and prevent obesity.