Colon hydrotherapy in Dunkeld

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 27th January 2019
Colonic Irrigation with anti-spasmodic herbs & bicarbonate of soda - bowel cleanse. Colon hydrotherapy in Dunkeld

Every citizen knows the negative impact of the urban environment on their health. Automobile exhaust, lack of vitamins, and tobacco smoke destroy the body and make it more vulnerable to infections and diseases. We can consider several ways to prevent illness by helping those who do not know how to improve their health. Colon hydrotherapy in Dunkeld is a great way to remove all harmful substances and toxins from the body.

First of all, recovery begins with the restoration of the immune system. The immune system plays an indispensable role in human health. The immune system’s primary function is eliminating malicious objects such as viruses, parasites, cancer cells, etc. Even though the mechanism of the immune system is quite complicated, it is very vulnerable.

Immune system

An unhealthy diet, bad habits, poor ecology and a sedentary lifestyle adversely affect the immune system, resulting in constant colds, lethargy, and the acquisition of chronic diseases. Colon hydrotherapy in Dunkeld helps strengthen the immune system and normalise digestion.

You must lead a healthy lifestyle to protect and strengthen your immune system. Start with sports. The most useful are sports such as swimming, athletics, and cycling. Arrange a half-hour jog every day. It is best to run in the evenings, firstly, because the load on the heart in the evening is much lower than in the morning, and secondly, much fewer exhaust gases accumulate in the air in the evening.

Sports improve your body shape and have a beneficial effect on improving your health. Another good option for healing the body is a bath or sauna. Tempering procedures, such as a contrast shower, prevent disease.

What is a healthy diet after colon hydrotherapy in Dunkeld?

Nutrition plays a vital role in the normal functioning of the body. If you are getting into a healthy lifestyle, you should take care of a balanced diet. Nutritionists advise including more fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, as they contain vitamins and minerals that help prevent disease.

Do not forget about proteins, an indispensable component of proper nutrition. Of course, you should not set too strict a framework for yourself. Nothing terrible will happen if you eat a piece of cake. Experts also recommend drinking more fluid, and water is the best option. You have probably heard that 80% of the human body is water, a source of life and health.

Colon hydrotherapy in Dunkeld is a therapeutic procedure aimed at washing and cleansing the intestines with a large amount of fluid using specific equipment.

Colonic cleansing benefits the state of the large and small intestines, liver and kidneys and has a powerful healing effect on the whole organism.

The therapy is carried out in comfortable conditions under the control of specialists and does not cause any harm.