Colon hydrotherapy in Winchester

Anatoli Silajev Comments 0 1st February 2019
The Ultimate Slimming Solution - Sequence of sixteen colonic irrigations

Colon hydrotherapy in Winchester is well known throughout the world. Many see it as a radical method of treating constipation and severe problems with the gastrointestinal tract, but the possibilities of this therapy are much broader.
Colon hydrotherapy improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract by 50-70%, aims to restore hair loss by 50%, aims to solve skin problems by 50%, relieves depression by 20%. Due to this treatment, the hormonal background in women is restored; This procedure contributes to the treatment of prostatitis in men well, since Escherichia coli causes inflammation of the prostate gland. Colon hydrotherapy in Winchester helps reduce appetite, improves emotional state, boosts immunity, normalises high blood pressure, helps to cope with the common cold. And, of course, colon hydrotherapy demonstrates excellent results in the fight against obesity and unwanted fat volumes, so the waist size may decrease by 2 cm after the first procedure!

Colon hydrotherapy with coffee extract in Winchester

One of the most popular methods of colon hydrotherapy in our clinic is bowel irrigation with coffee extract.
Colonic irrigation with coffee extract is a unique method of cleansing the body, allowing you to get rid of constipation, improve the quality of the skin, lose 3-5 kg per course and achieve a significant recovery of the whole body. The discovery of this method belongs to Professor Hiromi Sin (University of Albert Einstein, USA), whose clinical experience numbers more than 300,000 people suffering from bowel problems.
Coffee extract is saturated with lactic acid bacteria, extracts of medicinal plants and fruits, a complex of minerals, it also contains caffeine and theophylline. Colon hydrotherapy in Winchester coffee solution helps to eliminate fermentation processes, excrete undigested products, dead bacteria, toxic substances, hydrogen sulfide and pathogenic bacteria. The use of this method allows to normalise the functioning of the intestines, get rid of constipation, reduce excess weight, improve the quality of hair and skin, restore the general vital functions of the body.
Of course, colonic irrigation is a very intimate procedure, but you have to decide, accepting for yourself that the changes in life will begin almost immediately. And they will only be positive!
You can ask all the questions about the colonic hydrotherapy at a free consultation with a doctor in our clinic.