Colonic irrigation in Colchester

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 12th January 2019
Obesity. Colonic irrigation in Newham and Colchester

People who have never undergone colonic hydrotherapy have entirely legitimate concerns and questions. A specialist supervises colonic irrigation in Colchester and would answer all your questions. We offer consultation completely free.

There is a rumour that the treatment washes out all the beneficial intestinal flora. Is it true? No, not like this. Colonic irrigation in Colchester is entirely safe for healthy microflora.

The procedure of colonic irrigation

Faecal debris, thickened mucus, pathogenic flora, antibiotics, and stress destroy the flora. Having rid the intestines of accumulated toxins, you would create the most favourable environment for the growth and development of beneficial microflora. The doctor’s recommendations on food intake and supplements would not harm but help strengthen the intestines’ health and the whole body.

It is not possible to get an infection during the procedure. Water from the apparatus passes 3-level purification. We use only disposable sterile speculums during the treatment. Moreover, we clean the room after each patient. Also, an air disinfection unit operates in the place.

Safety and painlessness of colonic irrigation in Colchester

Colonic irrigation in Colchester is entirely painless. Then, there is no weakness and discomfort after treatment, just the opposite; there is a surge of strength and lightness in the whole body.
There is an opinion that the large intestine does not need forced flushing because it is unnatural. If you eat healthy food and engage in active sports, then the performance of the guts normalises independently.

Cleansing methods

Such an opinion is erroneous as well as harmful! The topic is very voluminous. Various cleansing methods have been used in all nations and at all times. Do not neglect the experience of the ancestors. Colonic hydrotherapy will help remove all toxins from the colon while maintaining health and beauty.

Colonic hydrotherapy does not require any special preparation. Just refrain from eating a couple of hours before the treatment. You don’t need to bring any special equipment or hygiene items to the clinic. We already have everything needed.