Colonic irrigation in Derby

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 1st January 2019
Colonic irrigation in Derby

Colonic irrigation in Derby or the body cleansing procedure is not a new idea. It was available many years ago. However, the frequency of its use has increased significantly recently. Today, enthusiasts clean everything from everything.

Cleaning the intestines of toxins is particularly popular. People know it as colon hydrotherapy. In addition to treatment, weight loss has also become the goal of this method. Excessive fascination with this procedure has its consequences besides the results. Good or bad, you decide. But before trying this therapy on yourself, familiarise yourself with the theory.


Colonic irrigation in Derby is one of the modifications of therapy with an enema. Intestinal dialysis occurs during this procedure. Clinics carry out washing the intestines no longer with an enema. They do it with special equipment using a large volume of water, which approximately amounts to about thirty litres in one session. The process takes place directly under the supervision of a physician.

Currently, colonic treatments are available at our Holborn location in the centre of London only.


What is the colonic irrigation procedure for in Derby?

We recommend colonic hydrotherapy for patients who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, intoxication, diarrhoea, chronic colitis, as well as those people who have frequent constipation, dysbiosis, constant fatigue and chronic skin diseases. Also, colonic hydrotherapy is a mandatory procedure before surgery.

But, there are some restrictions to the colonic irrigation in Derby. For example, a colonic is not suitable in cases of bleeding in the stomach and intestines, aggravated haemorrhoids, cirrhosis of the liver, with adhesive and urolithiasis. We don’t recommend this treatment also for those who suffer from disorders and diseases of the uterus, as well as those who have cardiovascular pathology.

Colonic hydrotherapy is designed to cleanse the colon. Multiple filling of the colon with water and then emptying occurs during this therapy. Your therapist may saturate the water used for washing with mineral salts, herbal extracts and ozone. Everything in this process is adjusted in advance.

Cleansing process

Water is fed into a unique plastic tube called a speculum, through which it enters directly into the large intestine. Discharging of water occurs through another hole of the speculum after evenly filling the colon and dissolving its contents. The water pressure in the bowels should not exceed one hundred millibars, which is a gentle mode for the patient.

Thus, it is possible to carry out three to five colonic sessions with an interval of one to three days, which is equal to a complete and thorough bowel cleansing. One procedure of colonic irrigation in Derby lasts thirty to fifty minutes usually and uses thirty or more litres of water. The patient lies on his back all the time, and the doctor massages the abdomen, which stimulates the cleansing process.