Colonic irrigation in Islington

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 28th November 2018
Colonic irrigation in Islington. Detoxification of the intestine

Colonic irrigation in Islington is one of the most popular methods of cleansing the intestines. Medical spas, hospitals, and salons offer this method of eliminating problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

However, physicians strongly recommend undergoing a colon cleansing in medical institutions only. Besides, that implies the presence of experienced and qualified personnel. This approach helps to protect the patient from negligence when conducting this medical procedure for rectal injuries. Moreover, it prevents side effects.

An experienced gastroenterologist may recommend a course of colonic irrigation in Islington to those in the area.

In short, colonic hydrotherapy is a way to cleanse the body of toxins. It also removes harmful substances that have accumulated in it. It occurs due to delivering pure water or extracts of medicinal herbs into the rectum.


In our opinion, colonic irrigation in Islington is a way to cleanse the body. And not just a way to cleanse the intestines because colonic hydrotherapy washes only the large intestine directly. It also helps cleanse the small intestine, liver and kidneys.

You’ll also have to follow a diet with some restrictions. Avoid foods that cause flatulence in the intestines for several days before the procedure. In other words, it is such food as fizzy drinks, legumes, fresh bread, fruit, pastries, and alcohol.

So, the patient lies on the couch at the beginning of the procedure. Practising therapists advise lying on your back because this reduces the discomfort. Further, water or herbal solution enters the intestines in portions with the help of specialised equipment. The water temperature usually varies from warm to cool throughout the session, and the pressure also alternates.

Such a hydromassage stimulates the walls of the large intestine and relieves the body of excess deposits.

How do practitioners carry out colonic irrigation in Islington?

That is to say, the system of disposable hoses brings out the diluted content of the colon tightly, cleanly, and odourless. Furthermore, patients can see how colonic hydrotherapy is going. Also, they may seek help from a specialist who performs the procedure in case of discomfort.

For instance, the colonic irrigation sessions in Islington can take 25 to 50 minutes. Besides, the water used for this treatment usually does not exceed twenty-five litres. The doctor may also regularly prescribe three to ten sessions of colon hydrotherapy. Moreover, intestinal cleansing occurs gradually. It also allows you to soften and bring even the hardest faecal matter out. It’s possible through continuously alternating adjustable and entirely controlled water pressure.


Staging during intestinal cleansing is imperative since cleaning the entire colon in one session is impossible. During the first stage, water penetrates only into the rectum. It also gradually softens the hardened deposits on the walls of the rectum and sigmoid colon. During the next phase, the water penetrates deeper and cleans the large intestine’s lower parts.

In other words, colonic treatment cleanses more distant parts of the intestine each time. Water does not penetrate the small intestine during colonic hydrotherapy. However, water mildly affects the large intestine’s walls due to varying temperatures. As a result, it causes reflex cleansing of the small intestine.

In summary, the intestines get completely clear of perennial deposits after the colonic irrigation course in Islington.