Colonic irrigation in Lincoln

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 12th January 2019

Colonic irrigation in Lincoln is one of the effective modern methods for complete colon cleansing. This manipulation refers to the category of treatment-and-prophylactic procedures aimed at cleansing and healing the body.

Colon hydrotherapy is a comfortable, easily bearable and safe procedure. Highly qualified carry this procedure. Closed loop connected to the sewage system so that there is no odour and leakage during the procedure. Colonic irrigation is a modern, effective method of cleansing the human body. However, this method solves only local problems in certain diseases.

The clinical effect of procedure

Water for washing the colon is purified with two filters in modern equipment. Two filters is purify water for washing the colon. The UV radiation is used to disinfect equipment, and other particular disinfection methods are applied.

The clinical effect of a single colon hydrotherapy session is comparable in effectiveness to thirty self-administered enemas.

What are the principles of Colonic irrigation procedure in Lincoln?

The general principle of Colonic irrigation in Lincoln is the cyclic filling of the colon with sterile water and emptying it. Usually, washing the intestines takes about thirty to forty minutes.

Water distributed throughout the large intestine with the help of a stimulating massage, bringing out the contents subsequently. Also, the colon tone restores during the treatment. Colonic irrigation is the most perfect, safe and effective way to cleanse the body and colon of toxins and parasites

Complete colon cleansing

If desired, the patient can observe what is excreted from the intestine (mucus, parasites, “hardened faeces”). During the washing procedure, the doctor gently massages certain areas of the abdomen, stimulating the colon to discharge faeces.

It is essential that no significant changes in intestinal eubiosis occur. The maximum water pressure on the intestinal wall does not exceed 100 millibars. For comparison, when using an ordinary syphon enema, the pressure is almost four times higher. Complete Colonic irrigation in Lincoln is three to five sessions.