Dealing with cellulite with the help of specialised equipment

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 13th November 2018

The scientific definition of cellulite is as follows: cellulite or gynoid lipodystrophy is a change in the dystrophic nature of the subcutaneous fatty tissue that leads to impaired blood supply (microcirculation) and lymphatic drainage. Dealing with cellulite using specialised equipment is one of the most effective ways to solve a problem.
Opinions of the best minds of medicine are ambiguous in deciding whether it is possible to consider cellulite a disease and is treatment necessary? Some doctors believe that the presence of cellulite is the payment of women for the opportunity to make and give birth to a child. Other experts argue that the appearance of modified fat deposits indicates a violation of the processes of basal metabolism and the development of hormonal imbalance. But whatever the cellulite is, its external signs do not make women more beautiful and do not increase their self-esteem.

What are the causes of the appearance of the gynoid lipodystrophy?

  • Hormonal balance, which leads to ovarian disease, thyroid pathology, impaired nervous regulation of the endocrine system.
  • Disruption of the hormonal background caused by physiological reasons: pregnancy, puberty, menopause.
  • Deviations in protein metabolism;
  • Improper nutrition;
  • The imbalance between the processes of synthesis, decay and utilisation of adipose tissue;
  • Bad habits, especially smoking;
  • Hypodynamia.

Dealing with cellulite using specialised equipment is considered essential in the treatment of that condition of the human body. The primary method of combating cellulite is deemed to be the massage of three types:
Anti-cellulite massage. It helps to knead fatty tissue as well as muscles, which leads to an improvement in lymphatic drainage and activation of the basal metabolism in the problem area.
Vacuum massage with cupping. It activates the processes of lipolysis, improves blood supply to the skin and underlying layers, promotes the rapid elimination of toxins.
LPG massage (Endermologie). It has almost the same effect on lipocytes as other types of massage. Besides, this method promotes the formation of collagen and elastin, which leads to an improvement in the appearance of the skin.

  • Ultrasonic Cavitation
  • Mesotherapy
  • Ozone therapy
  • Carboxytherapy
  • Electromyostimulation
  • Electrolipolysis.
  • Shockwave therapy.
  • Pressure therapy.

Dealing with cellulite using specialised equipment shows excellent results, and colonic hydrotherapy will allow ridding the body of toxins.