Detoxification of the intestine

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 17th May 2018
Detoxification of the intestine

Do we need detoxification of the intestine?

So, the intestine is a vital part of the body, right? To clarify, it holds approximately 80% of all of the glands and microorganisms that are part of the body’s immune system. Those bacteria contribute to our metabolism as well as protection against toxins. Besides, scientists indicate digestive disorders by inspecting the condition of the skin and many other organs.

Moreover, the large intestine is an essential ecosystem for multiple species of intestinal bacteria that form almost one and a half kilogram of the mass of the organ collectively. These microorganisms can all be either extremely advantageous, neutral or potentially pathogenic.

The health of your intestine

Maintaining an equilibrium of all types of microorganisms to preserve the health of our gut is more critical than attempting to remove all pathogenic flora. The continuous consumption of certain drugs increases the risk of infectious diseases. And unhealthy eating habits can lead to the disruption of the balance of microflora in the intestine, and a general decrease in tone.

Methods of detoxification of the intestine

Detoxifying the intestine is an efficient process that restores the balance of microflora in the gut. One of the popular method alters the patient’s metabolism (usually improves), reduces the toxicity throughout the entire digestive system, and stimulates intestinal motility.



There is a selection of other ways to detoxify the intestine:

  • stimulation of both the gut and the kidneys to form a natural withdrawal of stool;
  • intestinal dialysis through the use of enemas or colonic irrigation;
  • oxidative techniques by introducing sodium hypochlorite into the body to saturate different organs with oxygen;
  • colon hydrotherapy to entirely cleanse the colon using distilled water.

It is essential to perform any independent technique of the intestinal detoxification at home with great care. However, inadequately executed procedures can overstimulate the peristalsis of the intestine. Moreover, that can cause the elution of healthy microflora. In short, all treatments must be conducted strictly after consultation with a specialised doctor.