Endermologie UK

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 5th July 2018
Endermologie UK

Endermologie UK is the only natural, non-invasive and non-aggressive mechanical skin stimulation method that activates cell processes.

Fibroblasts act as skin architects. They are responsible for creating the primary building material of the dermis. Using collagen and hyaluronic acid for volume and moisturising gives skin density, softness and radiance. However, at the age of twenty-five, despite a pretty healthy lifestyle. The development of substances that promote rejuvenation is slowing down.

The facial skin loses its elasticity and tone; nasolabial folds, so-called “wrinkles of laughter”, become more in-depth; the surface of the eyelids hangs. The skin gradually stretches and becomes flabby.


Patented Endermologie UK produces intense and pleasant micropulsation on the skin surface. This skin massage naturally reacts to synthesising the skin matrix’s essential elements: collagen, elastin (+ 46%) and hyaluronic acid (+ 80%) – to achieve an immediate and persistent lifting effect.

“The internal process of natural synthesis of the essential elements of the skin matrix – collagen, elastin (+ 46%) and hyaluronic acid (+ 80%) – is launched to achieve a quick and persistent lifting effect.” – Data are from the study results of Humbert P. et al. Clinical Interventions in Aging.

Endermologie UK for burning fat

Your body preserves the balance between fat accumulation and its burning during the natural process in adipocytes cells. However, even with a pretty healthy lifestyle, the activity of these cells slows down over time. As a result, it speeds up the process of fat accumulation and a narrowing of the blood and lymph vessels.

In short, Endermologie UK allows you to burn fat purposefully in specific areas where it is essential (hands, back, stomach, waist, hips, etc.), accurately adapting to the needs of each skin type.


The technology also stimulates cells to lose weight and activates the natural fat burning even in zones the most resistant to physical exercise and diet (+ 70%) in just one procedure. In this case, the mechanical action of the manipulator strengthens the skin, giving it firmness and tone.

Besides, the new sensor adapts the stimulation for each skin type, achieving the optimum intensity of exposure and careful skin treatment.