How does excess weight affect the conception of a child?

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 13th November 2018

According to statistics, approximately every sixth married couple in our country faces the problem of infertility. A married couple is considered infertile if the pregnancy still does not occur without the use of contraceptives during a year of regular sex life. Let’s see how excess weight affects the conception of a child?
In this case, it makes sense to be examined to identify the direct and indirect causes of infertility. Sometimes, during the examination, factors that seem to have no direct influence on the ability of a woman to become pregnant are identified. So, in particular, women often ask a question: does overweight affect conception and ovulation, and how this happens.
It is well known that the extra weight is not aesthetic and can cause many diseases. To determine whether a woman is overweight, you need to subtract 110 from the measurement of height in centimetres. The resulting value is the ideal weight for a given height. If the weight rate exceeds more than 20%, this becomes a serious cause for alarm. There is a formula for calculating body mass index. The body mass index is calculated as follows. Body weight in kilograms should be divided by the square of height in meters. If the resulting index ranges from 20 to 25, then the body weight is healthy, above 25 is overweight, above 30 are already signs of obesity.

How does overweight affect the conception of a child and how much weight is considered healthy?

There is no direct dependence on weight for the ability of a woman to become pregnant. There are many examples when women with overweight give birth to several children, and they do not have any problems. Conversely, when women with ideal weight for years cannot get pregnant. And, nevertheless, there is every reason to believe that the indirect cause of infertility of a woman is overweight. In support of this view, there are many facts. So how does overweight affect the conception of a child?
In overweight women, menstrual disorders under the influence of the endocrine factor are much more common, what leads to infertility. Often, reducing overweight by at least 10% leads to the normalisation of the menstrual cycle.
Excess weight violates the balance of sex hormones in a woman’s body, which directly affects the conception and ovulation in turn. For example, female sex hormones such as estrogen and progesterone regulate the process of ovulation. In the process of ovulation, egg maturation occurs. Progesterones prepare a woman’s body to accept a ripe egg, estrogens control progesterones in turn. Fat cells stimulate the production and accumulation of large amounts of estrogen, the excess of which blocks progesterone. As a result, ovulation is impaired, and the egg does not mature. So we figured out how excess weight affects the conception of a child, colon hydrotherapy will help to lose weight, restore digestion and rid the body of toxins.