Is it possible to get rid of belly fat?

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 5th November 2018

Excessive intake of calories is the main reason why the sides grow and the abdomen increases. Even though most obese people tend to write off their puffy forms on genetics and age-related changes, an excess of energy supplied from food and sweet tooth are the most significant factors in increasing fat on the abdomen and hips.
It is also essential that it is not as easy to drive off extra calories and reduce the stomach with the help of exercise as one can of cola is equivalent to a two-kilometre jog. Besides, the composition of most soda, juice, candy and ice cream contains fructose syrup, disrupting the metabolism and provoking the increase of fat on the abdomen, sides and thighs.
To remove fat from the abdomen and from the sides, it is necessary first of all to refuse excessively high-calorie foods. Also, it is recommended to carefully study the guide on the most effective fat burning training, as well as on additives that accelerate the metabolism.

Tips on how to remove fat from the abdomen

If you follow the rules below, you can quickly get rid of fat from the abdomen.
The most common cause of overeating with the concomitant excessive consumption of calories and, as a result, the growth of fat on the stomach is eating while watching TV. A person literally does not see the enormous amount of food that he consumes. If you want to lose weight, then be sure to control the size of portions of food and try not to overeat.

The more specific your goal and objective is your motivation, the more chances you have to achieve success. You should strive to lose four kilograms in a month, and not try to “get rid of fat on your stomach before you go to the beach.” Summer can be rainy, vacation will take place in the city, and by the fall you just forget that you wanted to lose weight.

Bear in mind that weight loss diets are much more effective in men than in women. Compliance with even simple diets such as the Mediterranean or paleo diets can significantly reduce weight in the first weeks without any physical activity. However, do not expect quick results and do not go to the “hungry” diets, since the lost weight will be gained back.

If you have never been involved in jogging, do not try to accustom the body to daily thirty-minute jogging sharply. The result will be the only pain in the knees, not a decrease in the abdomen at all. Among other things, people are often inclined to overestimate the energy consumption of training for weight loss, while playing sports, increasing the size of portions as a “sports nutrition”.
These are basic tips to get rid of fat on the abdomen, and colonic hydrotherapy will allow you to cleanse the body of harmful substances accumulated over many years.