Knowing the cause of my IBS-type symptoms has changed my life and I feel amazing

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 20th September 2019
Food intolerance test of 208 ingredients at Parkland Natural Health

35-year-old Amy Harding had suffered from IBS-type symptoms for over ten years, including bloating, abdominal pain, wind and irregular bowels.

“I had been diagnosed with IBS for around ten years. My mood could be affected. Sometimes, I couldn’t go to the gym or exercise because I felt too uncomfortable or embarrassed.” Amy says.

As a result of her symptoms, the 35-year-old wasn’t able to live life to the full.

“I sometimes missed going out with friends because my stomach was sore. To prevent this, I would try to eat very little during the day, leaving me feeling moody and down. I could never go for a meal with my friends in case I bloated or got wind,” she explains.

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Amy, a mental health nurse, sought advice from her GP and tried various IBS-type medications to relieve her symptoms.

Knowing the cause of my IBS-type symptoms has changed my life and I feel amazing

“I had tried eating little and often, even just eating soups. I had tried colonics, pro/prebiotics, and charcoal tablets. My GP just felt there was nothing that they or I could do. I gave up talking to my GP after a few years,” Amy says.

Wondering if her symptoms could be due to her diet, Amy tried to cut out gluten and milk, but her symptoms continued.

At this point, Amy decided to research the link between her symptoms and her diet. After searching for food intolerances online and discovering YorkTest, she ordered a YorkTest Gold programme.

YorkTest offers a fast-track elimination diet by analysing IgG reactions to up to 208 food and drink ingredients.

Their Gold programme, which involves sending a finger prick sample to the company’s laboratories, revealed that Amy was intolerant to nuts, lentils, wheat, chickpeas, soy and yeast.

Here at YorkTest, we understand that eliminating foods can be daunting, so we provide up to two 30-minute calls with one of our qualified registered nutritional therapists. They work with you to optimise your diet with nutritious alternatives to help you avoid restrictive dieting.

“The nutritional therapist was great and gave me many useful sites for further information. She helped me look at alternative vegan protein sources. Eating out is a bit more difficult – I’m the awkward diner who is avoiding wheat and being vegan- but there are many foods I can have,” Amy explains.

Food intolerance test of 208 ingredients at Parkland Natural Health

Within just a few short days, Amy noticed improvements in her symptoms.

“I can honestly say I feel pretty amazing now. Besides, I have cut out my reaction foods and limited my borderline foods as much as possible. I don’t get anywhere near as much wind and bloating. I can eat out, and I feel happier in my mood,” Amy says.

The 35-year-old says, “As a vegan, being intolerant to lentils and chickpeas is quite unfortunate, but with the advice from YorkTest, I’m managing to build muscle still and keep fit. Everyone who I have spoken to has been accommodating”.

Life-changing experience

Amy can now socialise and has also noticed a difference in her body fat.

“I can wear fitted clothes in the evening- without starving myself all day. So, I feel more confident in front of my boyfriend. I have been having my body fat measured in the gym and have been able to lose fat and gain muscle. I’m currently a healthy BMI with a body fat of 16.5%,” she says.

The mental health nurse has taken a controlled approach to her elimination diet but decided to try to eat one of her trigger foods.

“I slipped up and risked some vegan sausages- containing wheat. The next morning, my stomach didn’t feel right,” Amy explains.

Amy is thrilled to get answers to her IBS-type symptoms and feels she can live more comfortably.

“I feel so much better. I was unsure if I could afford the test and if it was worth it, but I’m so pleased now that I have done it. Knowing the cause of my IBS-type symptoms has changed my life, and I feel amazing!”

YorkTest defines Food Intolerance as a food-specific IgG reaction. With this information, we intend to provide nutritional advice for dietary optimisation. YorkTest does not claim to treat or cure symptoms.

Taking the test

Taking the test is straightforward, with no need to visit YorkTest’s
laboratory. The results will be within 7-10 days. The YorkTest 150 plus test is a complete diet analysis covering a wide variety of food and drink ingredients, including:

  • Wheat, gluten, yeast, egg whites and egg yolk
  • Animal milk, including cow, goat and sheep
  • 12 different grape varieties
  • Herbal teas, including green tea and rooibos (red bush tea)
  • 25 different herbs and spices
  • A wide variety of meat and fish
  • And more than 100 other ingredients

Contact your Approved YorkTest Practitioner today for more details about the YorkTest 150 plus test!