Lipomassage contraindication

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 16th May 2019
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Lipomassage, a treatment that enhances blood flow by a remarkable 400%, can benefit many individuals seeking to improve their well-being. However, it is essential to consider contraindications due to their potential impact on specific health conditions. To ensure the safety and effectiveness of Lipomassage treatments, individuals diagnosed with the following conditions should not receive this therapy:

  1. Thrombosis or individuals who take prescribed blood thinners: Lipomassage’s ability to increase blood flow could worsen the condition or place excessive strain on organs, making it unsuitable for those with thrombosis or taking blood thinners.
  2. Progressive, infectious illnesses like AIDS: Given the delicate health status of individuals with progressive diseases like AIDS, Lipomassage may not be appropriate as it could potentially worsen their condition.
  3. Cancer or malignant tumours within the past five years: Individuals who have experienced cancer or malignant tumours within the last five years should avoid Lipomassage due to the potential risks associated with the treatment.
  4. Heart disease: Individuals with heart disease should refrain from undergoing Lipomassage. The increased blood flow stimulated by the treatment may impose additional strain on the heart, which could harm their health.
  5. Acute infections or inflammation: Individuals experiencing acute infections and inflammation should avoid Lipomassage. The therapy’s intensification of blood flow might further aggravate these conditions and hinder the healing process.


  • Respiratory disease: Those suffering from respiratory diseases should not undergo Lipomassage. The treatment’s impact on blood circulation could potentially complicate respiratory conditions and jeopardize the individual’s respiratory function.
  • Kidney failure: We don’t recommend Lipomassage for individuals with kidney failure. The therapy’s heightened blood flow may place additional stress on the kidneys, potentially worsening their condition.
  • Hepatitis: Individuals diagnosed with hepatitis should avoid Lipomassage. The therapy’s stimulation of blood circulation might strain the liver, which is already compromised in individuals with hepatitis.
  • Diabetes: Individuals with diabetes, due to the potential impact on blood sugar levels, should avoid Lipomassage. The therapy’s influence on blood flow could disrupt the delicate balance required to manage diabetes effectively.
  • Circulatory conditions within the past two years after Lipomassage: Individuals who have experienced circulatory conditions within the two years following Lipomassage should refrain from receiving further treatments. The therapy’s effects on blood flow might exacerbate or complicate these pre-existing conditions.

Considering these contraindications, individuals can ensure their safety and well-being when opting for Lipomassage treatments. It is crucial to consult with a qualified healthcare professional before undergoing therapy to determine its suitability for individual circumstances.