LPG for cellulite

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 10th August 2018

In the presence of cellulite in the body, it is crucial to monitor lymphatic circulation in adipose tissue. Italian dermatologist, Sergio Churri, examined the possible methods of preventing such issue and suggested *tissue movement*. As one of the ways of stimulating blood and lymph circulation. LPG for cellulite treatments proved to be useful for helping to treat cellulite.


Around the same time in France, it was fashionable to attend endermology treatments, which is a mechanical massage carried out with a set of rollers and a vacuum. Since then, both manual and automated massages. Lymphatic drainage massage techniques, based on active mechanical tissue stimulations.

The effects of anti-cellulite creams, scrubs, wraps, baths only work in combination with an LPG treatment. When preparing for LPG, the consumption of retinol, caffeine and algae extracts significantly increase the elasticity and smoothness of the skin. But don’t change the shape or size of fat cells.

LPG for cellulite: features

LPG is a treatment that aims to:

  • Decrease the general volume of the body.
  • Get rid of local fat deposits.
  • Treat cellulite.
  • Strengthen and restore the elasticity of the skin.

The procedure requires the patient to wear specially made clothing to ensure that the skin has maximum contact. With the rollers and so that the body tissue is affected at multiple depths. Depending on the type of skin of the patient, the intensity of the treatment. As well as the ability of the rollers to hold and handle the tissue.


The procedure is comfortable and painless, lasts only 35 minutes and covers the whole surface of the body. After the treatment, clients sense an increase of the tone of the skin on their hands, collar zone. And in areas of the body that were previously affected by cellulite or acted as fat deposits.

Specialists, from more than 100 countries around the world, have recognised LPG for cellulite as the most effective method for treating cellulite, obesity and body contour modelling. Endermology holds a record on the number of clinical studies and scientific publications that prove its effectiveness. No other mechanical treatments have such popularity.