LPG massage results

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 4th July 2018
Lipomassage Endermo Body Firming LPG massage and osteopathy

Nowadays, LPG massage is one of the most popular methods of hardware cosmetology used to correct body shape and eliminate cellulite. This popularity is since the impact of LPG:

Lipomassage is helpful, and numerous clinical studies objectively confirmed the results of LPG massage. Besides, millions of patients who tested this method on themselves confirmed its effectiveness subjectively. Most doctors consider LPG massage the safest alternative to liposuction (surgical fat removal).

Comfortable, painless, and gentle, a profound impact allows you to enjoy the procedure and its relaxing effect. Although the LPG session lasts about half an hour, some clients are not relaxed and cannot switch off completely.


The activation of metabolic processes and the stimulation of body tissues occur naturally from the physiological point of view. LPG massage helps achieve an aesthetic result and a therapeutic, health-improving effect.

Medics use LPG massage to treat the initial stage of varicose veins, myositis, and radiculitis in recovery after injuries and burns.

Results of LPG massage in Cosmetology

LPG Endermologie has become the most popular in the field of cosmetology since it can provide a good result in solving such complex problems as:

Elimination of visible signs of cellulite with LPG is possible at any stage. The effects of the lipomassage become apparent as soon as the course of treatment is complete.

Local fat deposits (fat traps) that do not respond to diets and exercise are susceptible to this method.


In the case of skin flabbiness, LPG massage “tightens” the skin and increases its elasticity.

Also, LPG provides:

  • elimination of fluid retention (has a pronounced lymphatic drainage action);
  • a significant decrease in the severity of stretch marks and scars;
  • improved posture and coordination of movements (due to neurosensory effects).

We use the LPG method for cosmetology’s body shape correction programs and facial care. Unique manipulations of LPG equipment can also mildly affect the face, neck, and décolletage tissues.