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Anatori Sealife Comments 0 23rd June 2018
How to lose weight without a diet? LPG treatment is next to me. The proper diet for weight loss

LPG Endermologie or lipomassage is the only technique plastic surgeons worldwide recognise as an alternative to liposuction in treating cellulite and overweight.

Cellulite is a specific change in adipose tissue of female bodies, in which various factors disrupt the lymphatic and blood supply of fat cells. The cellulite-affected fatty tissue is out of fat metabolism. In this case, the connective tissue that fuses the fat cells grows and starts squeezing and “pushing” them. Search for “LPG lipomassage near me” to get help dealing with the problem.

As a result, the skin surface appears tubercles and has a so-called orange peel effect. The cell absorbs fat and can no longer release it effectively when the body needs it.


Cells afflicted with cellulite accumulate toxins in vast quantities. Cell membranes thicken and harden, which makes it harder to release fat. The skin loses elasticity, becomes more flabby, and all its irregularities are very noticeable due to a disruption in the supply of nutrients through the blood.

Hips and buttocks are prone to the formation of cellulite most. Fatty tissue accumulates in these parts of the body as usual. The female hormonal system programmed it genetically to making possible to bear and give birth to a child.

Cellulite does not develop instantly but gradually, slowly and imperceptibly. It can appear in overweight and slim women at any age – from eighteen to forty.

Are there LPG treatments near me to fight against cellulite?

LPG invented the Endermologie method to treat cellulite and overweight effectively. That is to say, the central principle of Endermologie is the direct hardware impact on the skin and subcutaneous fat. LPG treatments near me are available for many women with cellulite.

The equipment has a display, making setting up an individual program easier. It also has a functional manipulator. The know-how of LPG Sуstems is independent and autonomously moving rollers. A specialist works on your skin with a special manipulator chamber with two rotating rollers. One “captures” the skin fold, and the other smooths it.

LPG treatment

These “waves” run all over the body, from neck to toe. They move back and forth, diagonally and sideways, and the rollers rotate in one direction, towards each other, and then in opposite directions. Due to this, blood circulation improves, the subcutaneous fat layer reduces, the withering skin tightens, and the signs of cellulite are not just disappearing; cellulite heals.

LPG lipomassage eliminates the tip, and the iceberg is called “cellulite” itself. So, searching for LPG treatment near me can be a great way to make the body beautiful and fit.