Mild bowel cleaning

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 2nd October 2018
Colon hydrotherapy in Mold - Mild bowel cleaning

Many folks know that mild bowel cleaning helps prevent many diseases. It is also good enough for cleansing the intestines of mucus, faecal stones and parasites. Besides, one hundred tons of food and 40,000 litres of liquid pass through the gut for 70 years of life. So, mild bowel cleaning of the intestines will help eliminate all the harmful substances.

The result: more than 15 kg of faecal stones, toxic waste of vital activity, poisoning blood and causing irreparable damage to our body, accumulates in the intestine.

Mild cleansing

Frequent constipation, diseases of filtering organs such as the kidney and liver, and hearing and vision organ diseases, ranging from arthritis to cancer, indicate that the colon is contaminated. However, you can clean only a small section of the large intestine 40 to 50 cm long with enemas.

On the other hand, rinsing of the intestines with the help of therapeutic equipment and administered under the supervision of specialists is more effective and safe. Therefore, mild bowel colon cleaning in our London clinic guarantees the whole body’s health.

Indications for mild bowel cleaning and its properties

Bowel rinsing allows for achieving its natural performance potential, which positively affects the patient’s condition. Water perfectly washes the walls of the colon, removing accumulated faeces, toxins and mucus. That also solves the problem of constipation and excessive flatulence and eliminates the risk of colitis.

Having a valuable balance of minerals, low salinity water renews the intestinal microflora and stimulates the synthesis of vitamins and biologically active substances. As a result, the local mucosal blood flow improves, which ensures the normalisation of the suction capacity of the mucous membrane.


Given the safety and highly positive results of such a procedure. Many diseases use it:

  • frequent stool problems;
  • colic in the intestine;
  • poisoning with food, alcohol and drugs;
  • conditions associated with metabolic processes;
  • faecal autointoxication;
  • inflammatory processes in the gut.

Mild bowel cleaning of the intestine using modern equipment under the supervision of professionals is available in our clinic.