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Anatori Sealife Comments 0 26th May 2019
Online bookings, scheduling & payments made easy

Online bookings, scheduling & payments made easy

We have developed beauty and health-related marketplace over the past few years. Online bookings can help your business development by:

  • Filling quiet periods
  • Us taking bookings 24/7
  • Minimising no-shows
  • Reducing your admin

How we do it?

We can create a venue page for your own business on Further, online bookings presence may give you the option to expand your sale of products and services through our website. We can also provide a free online booking system to manage your business customers across broad areas.

Why sell online?

You buy your holidays online, you make a dinner reservation online, and thousands of people are now looking to book holistic and medical treatments through online booking. So, let them book their next appointment with you online. We can assist almost straight away.

Harness the power of “Word of mouse”

A Wellness Studio listing can instantly improve your web presence, making it easier for new customers to find you. It will also boost your ranking and reputation by collecting glowing reviews from happy customers. We’ve found that venues with more than ten good reviews get 2x more bookings than others in the same business area.

The free online booking system is a free, secure, online application that lets holistic medical centres manage their appointments across vast areas. Besides, it includes the supply of a booking ‘widget’ on your website to take direct bookings from your clients. Examples of our partners’ websites:

Quality & quantity

We wish to create a lasting partnership that will help your business expand. Furthermore, we’ll help you economically build a loyal base of customers for your long-term gain. Besides, our customers (at present 75% of them female) are looking for quality treatments. Not ‘one-off’ deals, so there’s no obligation and never will be for you to discount on your prices. Furthermore, we here in the City of London receive frequent calls from customers across the UK and beyond looking for goods and services in your area of the country and elsewhere. For instance, if you sell on our marketplace, you remain in control of prices, paying just 14% commission on the bookings and orders you are receiving. That’s competitive. And, we are keen to associate with you.


The Online bookings system we use can be routinely modified/updated as often as you require to reflect your service pricing changes online. Please call us on this, and we will make sure your venue profile polished and is kept up to date so your customers can see your products/services at their very best.