Remedies to fight cellulite

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 25th October 2018
Dealing with cellulite with the help of specialised equipment. How to lose weight forever?

Ninety per cent of women have cellulite. And only one out of ten is lucky, while the rest have to struggle constantly with this unpleasant problem. The appearance of cellulite does not depend on the body’s shape or weight. Remedies to fight cellulite can be very different. That is due to the disproportionate distribution of subcutaneous fat.

Only “heavy artillery” can help here. We have studied the most advanced ways of combatting cellulite. And we are ready to talk about what will help eliminate the hated “orange peel”.

Probably the most popular remedy to fight cellulite today is lipomassage LPG. It has been on the most popular salon treatments list for several years. It is not the name of any space technology that hides behind the abbreviation. It’s the initials of the French engineer Louis-Paul Gautier, thanks to whom the world learned about a unique technique.

In the 1980s, when the doctors prescribed a massage course for him, Gautier was recovering from a severe injury. However, as an absolute perfectionist, he did not want to give the case to someone else’s hands. So, he invented a particular device that practically replaced the massage therapist.

Over time, it became clear that the invention helped eliminate post-traumatic oedema and scars. It also correctly affects the overall condition of the skin. Several improvements and upgrades have made it so that many practitioners have used the LPG machine successfully to combat cellulite and overweight worldwide. Anti-cellulite treatment based on LPG massage shows high efficiency.

Remedies to fight cellulite: massage LPG

The method of endermologie, better known as LPG, is popular because of the technology that simultaneously affects the skin with the help of mechanical and vacuum massage. Thus, the remedies to deal with cellulite activate the process of burning fat. They also significantly reduce fat volume, making the skin more elastic.


An entire course of LPG takes from ten to twenty treatments, depending on the patient’s initial condition and the result she aspires to. To achieve a remarkable effect, you need to follow some simple rules, such as not eating an hour before the procedure and, at the same time, refusing food intake after the session.

But it would help if you drank as much as possible. If you don’t follow the fluid intake mode, usually, it is advisable to drink a glass of water forty minutes before the massage because adequate drainage occurs during the procedure.