Serum asparagi aminotransferase

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 11th April 2019
This enzyme allows us to establish extend of damage caused tissues of liver, heart and skeletal muscles. Increase of activity is observed at myocardial infarctions (rise of enzyme activity is observed on 4th-6th hour of infarction, increased activity remains for 3-5 following days), acute rheumatic carditis (at the initial stage, activity increase is correlated with severity of disease), cardiac surgeries (superactivity is observed during about 10 days following operation), angiocardiography (catheterization of heart vessels), clottage of pulmonary arteria, severe attacks of stenocardia, tachyarythmia, viral hepatitis, toxic damage of liver (four-chloride carboneum, chloroform, pesticides), hepatic cirrhosis, amoeboid infections, cholangitis, infectious mononucleosis, acute alcoholic poisoning, hemocatheretic syndrome, muscular dystrophies, acute pancreatitis.


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