The price of colonic irrigation

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 21st May 2018

Colon hydrotherapy is a treatment that cleanses the colon from toxins with the help of an apparatus and therapeutic solutions such as:

  • enterosorbent,
  • herbal infusions,
  • Karlovy Vary mineral salt,
  • ozonated water, etc.

Colon hydrotherapy is offered as a course since the length of the large intestine of an adult human is approximately 0.9 meters. In this regard, to completely cleanse the intestine, it is necessary to do 3-6 procedures Colonic Hydrotherapy. The first procedure only clears the lower section of the large intestine, and active cleansing of the upper part, near the small intestines, occurs after the third. Once the upper section starts being cleared, bile ducts are activated and restore the working capacity of the whole intestine and body. The price of the treatment is almost affordable for everyone.
Colon hydrotherapy has been very popular in the last 20 years because of its visibly beneficial effects. The treatment has its fans and is positively reviewed by countless of people. Our clinic offers the colon hydrotherapy treatment under the close supervision of a gastroenterologist. The procedure is comfortable and painless, taking place inconvenient conditions in a suitable isolated room with its own separate bathroom.

The price of colonic irrigation and when the procedure is necessary

Overeating, unhealthy diets, sedentary lifestyles, consumption of alcohol, smoking, stress, taking antibiotics and many other factors adversely affect the digestive process and the work of the organs part of the gastrointestinal tract. Such violations lead to ineffective digestion of food, accumulation of toxins and allergens in the human body and increase in excess weight.
The skin can indicate these effects in the form of symptoms like dermatitis, allergies & purulent eruptions. This further leads to diseases of internal organs, a weaker immune system and other troubles. Illnesses originating from intestines are often indirectly caused by many diseases. In such cases, it is recommended to undergo colon hydrotherapy.
The practice has been shown that systematic cleansing of the intestine once or twice a year has a positive effect on the entire body. Experts recommend to undergo colonic hydrotherapy in a registered clinic under the supervision of a gastroenterologist, and not at home by yourself. Throughout the course of the treatment, you will be able to receive advice on the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and recommendations for your diet from a gastroenterologist. The price of colonic irrigation includes the procedure and a consultation with a specialist. The cost will vary depending on the type of colonic irrigation that was recommended for you by the specialist.