Treatment of bowel cancer

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 14th June 2018

An individual treatment plan for bowel cancer is made for each patient, taking into account the location of a tumour, its size, prevalence, the general condition of the patient and their individual characteristics. Oncology of the intestine can be in several types: superficial, localised or metastasising. Preoperative examinations and treatments are individually selected for each case. For example, with rectal cancer, it may be advisable to perform external radiation therapy first or combine it with chemotherapy in order to reduce the size of a tumour and reduce the risk of its local recurrence (relapse).
The only effective method to treat cancer of the colon and rectum is through surgery. Clinics prioritise operations for patients with cancer. All necessary pre-operational examinations, for example, scanning, are done promptly. The operation itself is performed by experienced doctors.
The operation can be carried out without delay, and it is done as safely as possible, thanks to the well-coordinated work of the patient’s personal physician, who coordinates the nurses and medical staff.

Treatment of intestinal cancer: methods of treatment and prevention.

The surgical techniques have changed in recent years. Modern operative methods show better results in tumour removal procedures with minimal blood loss. Long-term imposition of the intestinal stoma is required less and less, which undoubtedly improves the patient’s quality of life.
Partial resection (partial colostomy) is usually performed in the case of colon cancer. The rectum is removed completely, or only its upper part in case of colorectal cancer depends on the definition of tumour localisation during the operation. If a tumour is located near the anus, then the anus and the sphincter are possibly removed. In this case, it becomes necessary to install the stoma. After the operation, the pathologist carefully examines the removed cancerous tumour. This includes a study for metastasis in the lymph nodes.
After carrying out a surgical operation for the treatment of bowel cancer, the patient certain mandatory medication. These treatments are always selected individually. The choice of doctors is based on recent research results and national & international treatment recommendations.
In the case of rectal cancer, radiation therapy is usually performed before surgery, this is necessary to reduce the risk of local tumour recurrence. In some cases, radiation therapy is also required when metastasising cancer into bone tissue.
Colonic irrigation in our clinic in London helps prevent the development of malignant neoplasms and have the patient avoid any need for the treatment of bowel cancer. Always address to experts for more information and always keep your body in a healthy condition.