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Shankh Prakshalana* is a method of cleansing the entire digestive tract with salt water. The service we offer includes consultation and theoretical and practical training. It also provides for the process of the Shankh Prakshalana itself under the supervision of a qualified instructor.
The procedure for cleansing the entire digestive tract will require two visits.
During the first visit, we will determine the state of your health. We need that to make sure that you have no contraindications. We will also conduct theoretical and practical training. Furthermore, we'll give you instructions on how to improve your skills for your next visit.
On the second visit, you will do the Shankh Prakshalana under the supervision of our instructor. And he will ensure the procedure's efficiency in cleansing the entire digestive tract.
Shankh Prakshalana*, or Varisara, means "conical cleansing" or "gesture of the seashell" because water passes through the digestive canal like an empty shell.
The water absorbed by the mouth passes through the stomach, which, by the body's internal movements, passes through the whole intestine, thereby cleansing it of impurities. The treatment would continue until the water became as clear as when it entered.

Preparation for the cleansing of the entire digestive tract

Heat the saltwater to body temperature with a salt concentration of five to six grams per litre. It is slightly less than the salt level in blood plasma (a small tablespoon per litre of water). The water must be salty, as the absence of salt would allow the mucous membrane to absorb the water through osmosis, and the body will excrete it as urine and not as intended. If you find the water too salty, you can reduce the salt concentration to make the water more suitable for you.

Performance of Shankh Prakshalana

The procedure for cleansing the entire digestive tract works best during the morning when the stomach is empty. As practice shows, the process takes an hour and a half. However, it may take 45-60 minutes as your skills improve.
*  శంఖ ప్రక్షాళన  (Śaṅkha prakṣāḷana) - "Conical cleansing" in Telugu, which is one of the official languages of Andhra Pradesh state of India.

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    When I came to see you last November I was left with no energy and also having lots of problem with focusing to do normal daily things. After having mini detox programme I have to say result was nothing that I could imagine. First I find all the energy gone up to roof. Still the same today. I do lots of things during the day and I feel still not tired in the end of the day. I have young kids so you can imagine how busy you can be just looking after them. Also my skin looked so fresh and all my friend think I must have done something different. When I told them the reason they were quite amazed. So I wanted to say thank you and I would recommend to anyone who might have similar problems. Many many thanks, Samantha*

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The beneficial effect of cleansing the entire digestive system:

In addition to cleansing the digestive tract, you will experience long-term beneficial effects such as fresh breath, good sleep and the disappearance of any rashes on the face and body.
Other effects include the absence of body odours after eating and improving the liver's health, which becomes noticeable after the first few digestive cycles after the procedure. This method also stimulates other glands associated with the gastrointestinal tract, especially the pancreas.
Doctors in Lonavala successfully cured cases of underdeveloped diabetes by conducting the Shankh Prashalana every two days for two months, followed by a proper nutritional regimen.
The islets of Langerhans, located in the pancreas, secrete more insulin under the influence of the general stimulation of this gland. Cleansing the digestive tract allows for the proper digestion of food, consequently correcting the body's health and shape.


They are not numerous. Of course, people suffering from stomach ulcers should refrain from Shankh Prakshalana and recover from the illness beforehand. The same principle applies to people who suffer from the following diseases:
  • Acute lesions of the digestive tract
  • Dysentery
  • Diarrhoea
  • Severe colitis (in case of chronic colitis, the patient may be relieved from this exercise, practised outside the crisis period)
  • Acute appendicitis
  • Serious diseases (gut tuberculosis, cancer)
The treatment is effective in removing pinworm infections. Cleansing the intestine removes the pinworm infection and the eggs from the body.
However, the villi of the digestive tract are so numerous that some pinworm eggs may remain inside after the cleansing. In severe cases, searching for better methods of removing pinworm infections would be more helpful.
Shankh Prakshalana is an excellent health treatment method. My 31 years of experience have convinced me of this. Anyone can learn this technique quickly if they practise it every two weeks.

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