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Ten colon hydrotherapy sessions to fully cleanse your colon and maintain your health throughout the year. Includes initial consultation.
Colonic irrigation is the process used to rid the colon of bad bactericides and fungal infections. The infections and bactericides can cause ailments that include excessive flatulence, bloating and colonic intoxication. The irrigation process will include a consultation, an initial colonic cleansing and a step-by-step schedule of the cleansing regimen that will best suit you and your body’s needs. By performing the first irrigation, the healthcare professional will be more informed of your body health. The consultation allows you to become informed of your body and of the process itself. The additional procedures will get your colon to the level of health that it is supposed to be at.

Our London office is the perfect place to visit, if you are interested in colonic irrigation.

Emptying your colon completely is the best and most effective way to ensure that your body becomes less dependent on the substances that you ingest and more independent and healthy. The cleansing process will help your colon become firmer, stronger and healthier. Some of the common reasons that probiotics are generally outnumber 20% to 80% are chronic constipation, food poisoning, irregular bowel movements, sedentary life, diets rich with refined carbohydrates and infectious diseases. All of those issues can be lessened and/or resolved through the colonic irrigation. The best way to decide your plan of attack is to consult with a professional.
Our London office is the perfect place to visit, if you are interested in colonic cleasing. When you are finished with your consultation, initial irrigation and step-by-step process, you will have fewer chances of problems like chronic constipation, IBS, hemorrhoids, diverticulitis and hernias occurring in your body. Depending on your needs, we may set you up with any number of visits. Each visit will help to ensure that the health of your digestive tract becomes more stable and lasting that ever before.

4 reviews for The Four Seasons – Package of ten colonic irrigations

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    Harry Jules

    This set of treatments was extremely useful as part of a detox and weight loss programme. I not only lost weight quickly but also felt great too. Side benefits also included reduced hunger and sleeping like a log! This clinic is a wonderful find, very professional and great at what they do. Highly recomnended.*

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    Demetrios Loukas

    I have recently been treated with antibiotics for Lyme’s disease and my physicians recommended I have colonic irrigation upon finishing my course of IV and oral antibiotics. Seeing as I have used The Wellness Studio before to successfully remedy intestinal candidiasis, constipation and bloating (all caused by antibiotic therapy in my teens and early 20s), I returned once again for more treatment. The practitioner is well-informed, very knowledgeable, super-professional and always respectful. I highly recommend the Wellness Studio. *

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    Nathalie A.

    It wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that the colon hydrotherapy treatment that I received at the clinic has been a life changer. I’d been suffering from chronic and severe constipation for 10 years and had become entirely dependent on drugs. I knew this wasn’t sustainable in the long-term but it was so bad without the laxatives that I couldn’t face stopping to take them. However, when my husband and I decided to plan for a baby, I knew I seriously had to do something about it as this was incompatible with being pregnant. The treatment has allowed me to recover a fully functional colon within a year (which seemed completely unimaginable even a few months before…). I am now 3 months pregnant and although constipation is a classic pregnancy disagreement, I can happily say it is not one I suffer from! I can’t recommend this treatment enough and you can count on the very high professionalism of the clinic to provide with the best possible care *

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    J.Reding St Albans

    I had gallstones and went about trying the gallbladder flush to the letter which meant having a before and after colonic..glad to say it was successful. Very professional service, with lots of good advice. I am very happy and satisfied and highly recommend Parkland Natural Health*

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Welcome to the website of the Parkland Natural Health, based in Holborn, Central London. The Parkland Natural Health is a Family run business with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Our modern lifestyle based on processed foods, lack of sleep and exercise as well as ongoing stress is a key reason why so many people suffer from colon toxity and its many symptoms including constipation, bloating gas, fatigue, weight gain, excessive mucous, headaches and poor skin. The Parkland Natural Health services are powerful tools in our detoxification programme to help you regain and sustain health. Correctly administered colonic irrigation treatments represent the most natural, relaxing, painless and effective way to allow your colon and indirectly your overall body to heal itself. We offer colonic hydrotherapy to help you drastically reduce the level of toxicity in your body, alleviate and in some cases completely eradicate related symptoms.

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