Vaginal flushing treatment

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Colonic irrigation in Hastings or Leeds for colon re-sculpting. Vaginal flushing treatment

Postcoital test after washing the vagina with sodium bicarbonate. In a sample of 55 patients. Whose postcoital tests were unsatisfactory or contrary underwent vaginal washing with sodium bicarbonate. Increasing the pH of the cervix made the test positive in 30% of cases, and three pregnancies occurred. Vaginal flushing treatment with sodium bicarbonate has proven practical and convenient for patients.

Improvement of viscoelasticity of the mucous membrane of the cervix and penetration of sperm by irrigation with sodium bicarbonate

The study aimed to evaluate the effect of vaginal washing with sodium bicarbonate on the viscoelasticity of the cervical mucosa and the penetration of sperm in vitro and in vivo. The study involved 25 couples with primary infertility for more than 12 months. The selection criteria were sperm quality consistent with the concept, regular ovulatory cycles, and repeated negative postcoital test (PCT) results.

There were studies of three consecutive periods after at least one inventory cycle. Researchers used 1.5% sodium bicarbonate or 0.9% sodium chloride for vaginal douching in the second and third cycles.

Results of vaginal flushing treatment

A group of scientists at the University Hospital Nijmegen in the Netherlands studied the viscoelasticity of the mucous membrane of the cervix uteri. They also carried out tests for the penetration of semen (PPP) and PCT. The viscoelasticity of mucus samples after irrigation with sodium bicarbonate was significantly lower than the viscosity after irrigation with sodium chloride (P less than 0.001, n = 16) and in control cycles (P = 0.003). SPT was significantly higher in sodium bicarbonate cycles than in sodium chloride cycles (P = 0.004, n = 22) and control cycles (P less than 0.001). PCT values were significantly higher after sodium bicarbonate than after irrigation with sodium chloride (P = 0.002, n = 21).

In short, a comparison of sodium bicarbonate and control cycles showed a significant improvement in PCT evaluation after irrigation with sodium bicarbonate (P <0.001).

To summarise, vaginal flushing treatment or washing is necessary to improve the body’s condition and reproductive functions. So, please get in touch with our centre in London to consult with specialists.

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