A therapeutic drug for the intestinal immune system

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 24th November 2018

The immune system provides the body with the ability to recognise and neutralise alien objects. The purpose of the immune system to ensure the stability of the organism at the general and cellular levels. Immunity is exercised with the help of the immune system. The drug for the intestinal protection allows you to restore a healthy defence of the body.
The most common mechanism of infection in the body is the alimentary route of infection, the one through the digestive system, such as the disease of “dirty hands” or lack of hygiene. In addition to infection, worms, protozoa, toxic substances of non-living nature can get into our body through the gastrointestinal tract. The gut helps our body deal with all these threats.
The intestine is the most essential organ of the immune system because it contains the most significant number of immune cells.
The primary nodes in the intestinal immune system are:

  • Peyer’s plaques;
  • Appendix;
  • Lymph nodes.

Immunity of the intestine is carried out by extraordinary cells the lymphocytes, which produce specific substances the immunoglobulins, which in turn recognise infections, determine the degree of threat, and fight it. Immunoglobulins are of different types.
Biofilm is not the last in the intestinal immunity, lining the entire surface of the intestine, it protects our body from harmful bacteria, as well as from chemical and physical stimuli.

Medication for intestinal immunity and restoration of microflora

Usually, the treatment of dysbacteriosis is carried out in several stages. Medical preparation for intestinal immunity should be selected based on the state of health of the organ and the primary purpose of this medicine, which is the restoration of microflora.
First of all, if you have dysbacteriosis, you need to normalise the conditions for normal microflora in the intestines. Therefore, you should avoid stress, excessive physical exertion, you should observe sleep and wakefulness, as well as adjust the diet.
You should not eat fatty, sour and any irritating spicy food. Food should be rich in vitamins, with the right balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Time intervals between meals should not be long. The latest meal should be made no later than three hours before bedtime. It is also important to eat slowly, carefully chewing food.
The second step is the reduction of pathogenic microbes population. This is achieved through the use of drugs such as nitroxoline, furazolidone and the like. Usually, antiseptics are prescribed for 10 to 14 days.
Further, it is necessary to colonise the intestinal wall with beneficial microflora. For this, it is fundamental to combine the use of probiotics and prebiotics. Probiotics are drugs consisting of beneficial intestinal bacteria. The most correct bacteria are Bifidus and lactobacilli, and therefore the most suitable drugs are enterol, bifiform, linex, bifidumbacterin and others. Prebiotics are bio-supplements that support a favourable intestinal environment for normal microflora. Hylak forte is one of the most popular prebiotics.
It is also necessary to increase the overall immunity, apply vitamins and sorbents. The drug for the intestinal protection is best taken as prescribed by a doctor. Colonic hydrotherapy will help get rid of toxins and harmful bacteria.