Benefits of the infra-red spine stretching bed

Anatoli Silajev Comments 0 23rd May 2019
Benefits of the infra-red spine stretching bed

Infra-red spine stretching technology appeared due to centuries-old medical research on the spine of the musculoskeletal system.

A tree needs a healthy root system to grow properly and sustain good health. Likewise, it’s appropriate to employ the same concept for humans’ general well-being. The human root system comprises the Central Nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and the Cardiovascular system. They are the first two to develop within the human fetus. Everything else in the body develops subsequently from these two. They bring oxygen, water, nutrients, hormones, and Qi to every part of the body in conjunction with one another. Moreover, they excrete post-digestive substances and metabolic waste.

When these two systems are healthy, the person will also be healthy. Clean blood vessels free from harmful accumulations and free-flowing Qi allow one to improve one’s health to its optimal level, allowing our bodies to function as nature intended.


We experience many stressors daily. In today’s busy society, coupled with an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise, most of us accumulate plaque, cholesterol, body fat, and toxins. It causes fat accumulation and clogging of the arteries and veins and blockages in the energy pathways in our nervous system. We also tend to suffer from the general deterioration of the spinal column as we age. In other words, our root system begins to deteriorate, and the damage done occurs undermines our overall health.

The good news is that the infra-red Jade Thermal Massager directly reaches the source of these health problems, the human root system itself. As the body’s weight pushes against the bed, the helium-light bulbs heat the jade rollers and emit far-infrared rays as it moves up and down along the spine, conforming to its natural contour.

Infra-red jade rollers

These rollers transmit a highly therapeutic form of heat and light deep into the body, possessing massage and acupressure functions. This process accomplishes several things. First, it relaxes the muscles and tendons along the spine, allowing the vertebrae to align gently and gradually. Secondly, it stimulates major acupuncture meridians within and alongside the spine. That causes powerful bioelectrical impulses to the course and the extensive network of nerve fibres. This massage ultimately energises every system and organ in the body. Blood circulation is accelerated by the heat, causing blood vessels to dilate while, at the same time, assisting in dissolving and flushing out the harmful clot factors that accumulate in the circulatory system.

Additionally, the increased back and pelvic region temperature facilitates our bone marrow to generate healthy new blood cells. Over time, as the vital life force energy (Chi) and blood begin to flow more freely and smoothly throughout the body, one feels rejuvenated, stronger, and psychologically healthier to tolerate the daily strenuous high demands of the modern lifestyle.


  • Relaxes Muscles And Tendons Along The Spine
  • Relieves Fatigue
  • Stimulates Nerves
  • Helps To Increase Blood Circulation