Cheap medicines for intestinal microflora

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 8th September 2018

Inside us is a whole world of microorganisms. We exist with them in a mutually beneficial symbiosis. We for them are the environment and the source of existence. They for us are normal digestion and strengthening of immunity. Cheap drugs for the intestinal microflora are doing their job well.
Probiotics are microbes, which constitute the fantastic inner world of our digestive tract, in other words, it is a microflora that destroys pathogenic bacteria.
Prebiotics are chemicals that are part of a wide range of foods. They are food for probiotics and stimulate their active growth.
All the medicines with which we restore our microflora contain either microbes or food for them. Combined drugs include both.
Cheap drugs for intestinal microflora containing prebiotics, have a different form: syrups, capsules, tablets, powders. Which prebiotic is included in this or that product is indicated on the package.
There are drugs where only the prebiotic is an active substance. There are combined medicines, which additionally contain enterosorbents for the removal of toxins.

What are the cheapest medicines for intestinal microflora?

Probiotic medicines are classified according to the genus of bacteria:
Bifido-containing medication. These drugs are mainly used to treat dysbiosis in children. It is recommended that adults take them also for preventive purposes.
Lactose-containing preparations. Their main advantage in the resistance of lactobacilli to the action of antibiotics. They showed themselves well in the treatment of rotavirus infections.
Containing E. coli products. They are used as biostimulants, they are recommended for use in case of prolonged nature of the disease.
Drugs containing yeast fungi Saccharomyces, sour-milk streptococcus or enterococci.
A group of these drugs also well resists the effects of antibiotics.
The composition of each probiotic determines the direction of its application. Cheap products for the microflora of the intestine need to be selected wisely so that the guts work correctly.
Combined drugs are called synbiotics. They are biologically active additives containing probiotics in conjunction with prebiotics. Colonic irrigation will help to restore the intestinal microflora when all the bacteria flushed out completely, and specialists prescribe medicines that return the microflora to a healthy state.