Cleaning of the intestine before the X-ray

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 3rd October 2018
Large intestine. Cleaning of the intestine before the X-ray. cleansing the intestines help to get rid of acne improving immune system. The body detox begins with the colonic irrigation

Effective options. Many patients know that an enema Cleaning of the intestine before the X-ray is necessary to get the most accurate result of examining some body parts, for example, the spine or pelvic floor. If the intestine is full of faecal matter, then the correct reviewing of the details of the survey in the picture would be impossible.

Therefore, someone will prefer to make a regular enema and take the medication to eliminate all the excess from the colon. We offer a painless and safe procedure the colonic irrigation. This type of intestinal cleansing before the X-ray is one of the best.

Effective options

Many don’t understand yet why getting rid of the bowel’s content from time to time is crucial. But only with a complete colon cleansing can the doctor get a more accurate result of the spine study with the x-ray.

It is worth saying that the most effective options are laxative drugs and enemas. If the patient chooses the second option, trying out an enema with a water solution of apple cider vinegar is the second best. While this type of cleaning also helps the patient to prevent bloating and flatulence.

Methods for cleaning the intestine before the X-ray

You can also highlight a form of cleansing called colonic hydrotherapy. This procedure is not painful, although it is rather unpleasant.

Doctors use speculums to evacuate faeces from the bowel. That functional medical accessory looks like a bifurcated tube. Water flows into the intestine through one of the ends of the pipe. And through another end of the line, excess faeces and petrified masses evacuate from the colon. Cleansing the intestine before the X-ray is essential for a more reliable diagnosis.


Preparing the intestine for this procedure requires a more accurate X-ray picture. But having an enema right before going to the doctor is impossible sometimes. Then other effective methods will rescue and help eliminate all the excess from the large intestine.

First, you will have to follow a strict diet. But this rule is applied in every case since better nutrition always facilitates cleansing enemas or drugs.

If you don’t want to use an enema, drink a few glasses of water at night with one teaspoon of salt per glass. This method is an excellent tool for cleansing the intestines. But it is worth noting that you can not use a saline solution for everyone.

Therefore, cleaning the intestine before the X-ray with colonic hydrotherapy is the most optimal option.