Colon hydrotherapy in Lancaster

Anatoli Silajev Comments 0 1st February 2019

As we all eat unhealthily, waste gradually accumulates on the walls of our intestines. They form toxins that are spread throughout the body, disrupting the functioning of internal organs. Is it any wonder that we suffer from overweight, allergies, constipation, haemorrhoids, insomnia, bad breath. But until the intestines are cleared of perennial deposits of undigested food, no cosmetic procedures will give the desired result.
The main task of colon hydrotherapy in Lancaster is the elimination of the pathological process in the bowels, which is a source of intoxication for the body, stabilising its microflora and electrolyte balance.
The most effective withdrawal of toxins occurs, as a rule, at the third or fourth session, since the preparation of faecal matter for release, detachment from the most inaccessible areas of the large intestine, dissolution and removal of old sediments take place during the 1st and 2nd sessions.
The duration of the entire procedure is about 1 hour, and a commonly recommended course of colon hydrotherapy in Lancaster includes up to 6 sessions. You will notice an improvement in mood and well-being, relief and increased efficiency after the first session. Solutions of Karlovy Vary mineral salt, sorbents, saturated with oxygen as well as herbal extracts are used as a cleansing solution. Colonic therapy, if necessary, is supplemented by rectal ozone-oxygen insufflation.
All sessions are performed with the help of high-tech medical equipment, which allows washing the bowels with sixty litres of solution in a single treatment in a gentle manner, as a result of which a full colon cleansing occurs. The optimal ratio of lacto and bifidobacteria is maintained in the large intestine, especially lactobacilli. Therefore, the prophylactic course of supplements to maintain intestinal microflora must be taken at the end of the sequence of colonics.

What are the results of the colon hydrotherapy in Lancaster?

At the end of the colon hydrotherapy course in Lancaster, the following positive changes are observed in the body:

  • improving skin condition;
  • elimination of intestinal hypodynamia;
  • restoration of motor activity of the rectum;
  • significant weight loss;
  • general improvement of health, vigour, the disappearance of depressive states;
  • removal of thickened bile from the liver and sand from kidneys;
  • elimination of recurrent headaches.

Colonic therapy is absolutely safe for the body and has no complications in the absence of contraindications. The effectiveness of the procedure is increased by combining colon hydrotherapy with ozone therapy.