Colonic irrigation heals the intestines

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 8th June 2018

Low activity of the intestinal muscles or the immobility of the intestine indicates the need for an urgent colonic irrigation procedure. These issues could have happened due to:

  • malnutrition;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • lack of exercise;
  • excessively taking painkillers and/or antibiotics;
  • high level of stress.

Colonic irrigation is done by passing water in the digestive tract through the rectum. The procedure is carried out exclusively in specialised clinics. Unlike enemas, it does not require you to be in the toilet and does not cause severe discomfort.

Types of colonic irrigation and their effects.

In a standard procedure, a tube installed in the intestine, through the rectum, that supplies water to dispose of any accumulated waste to increase the comfort of the patient. It is all done cleanly, without any unpleasant odours. The water, supplied by specialists, is introduced in small portions into the digestive tract. In some cases, if specialists insist, the fluid can also be supplemented with various drugs.
Here is a list of different substances that can be used in combination with the procedure and additional variants of the same treatment:

  • Herbal decoctions and infusions. Especially recommended if the tissue is irritated or damaged, etc. Solutions have a strong antiseptic property and soothe the inner walls of the colon;
  • Saline and alkaline solutions (sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate and others). Used to remove large amounts of toxic waste and faecal residues on the walls of the intestine and is advised for those who have problems with digestion or have permanent constipation or constant diarrhoea;
  • Restoration of intestinal microflora. This normalises the functionality of the large intestine. Often used after surgery, as well as for preparing the gastrointestinal tract for examination. Can be prescribed after taking antibiotics and other medications that affect the intestine;
  • Sorbents are sponges that absorb harmful compounds and remove them from the body. They are needed during general detoxification to remove toxins and carcinogens.

According to the medical specialists, monitor cleansing of the lower and upper divisions of the intestine can solve many problems in the digestive tract, including permanent constipation, irritation of the bowel, inflammatory processes.
Colonic irrigation is also prescribed:

  • In case of metabolic disorders & regular gastrointestinal disorders;
  • When there is a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen;
  • Constant fatigue, insomnia and sharp mood swings;
  • Problems with the skin.

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