Colonic irrigation in Armagh

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 20th January 2019
Colonic irrigation in Armagh

Humankind has known about the beneficial properties of water for more than a century. Besides, doctors use these properties in a variety of different therapeutic health treatments. So, they offer showers, baths and dynamic procedures which are trendy. Also, colonic hydrotherapy or colonic irrigation in Armagh has a beneficial effect on the body.

The effects of a shower water jet accelerate the metabolic processes in the skin. Moreover, it improves gas exchange in the tissues and increases muscle tone. The most commonly used types of showers are Charcot shower, Vichy shower, Scottish and Swiss showers. Moreover, they have a positive effect on the body from the outside. Colonic irrigation in Armagh also produces a positive impact on the inside.

Charcot’s shower

The principle of Charcot’s shower consists of supplying jets of water at a pressure of about four atmospheres. Firstly, it increases muscle tone. Secondly, it activates the metabolic processes in the skin. It also improves the lymphatic system. Besides, the “orange peel” decreases due to a daily fifteen-minute session.

The alternation of hot and cold water of such a shower stimulates the cardiovascular system. It also improves blood flow through the vessels. Contraindications to the use of Charcot’s shower are high blood pressure values, any skin diseases and pregnancy at any time.


Colonic irrigation in Armagh and Vichy shower

The basis for the principle of the Vichy shower is washing the body with a stream of water. But, unlike Charcot, this type of shower is not so intense. And, it looks like thin streams of warm rain falling on a person who lies on a particular couch. The twenty-minute procedure improves gas exchange in the tissues, nourishes the skin with sufficient oxygen. It enhances blood flow in the capillaries and lymph flow in small lymphatic vessels.

Contraindications to this procedure are various infectious diseases, frequent bleeding and haemorrhage, some diseases of the internal organs.
One of the most effective methods is colonic irrigation in Armagh.

The procedure of the colonic irrigation

Specialise equipment using for colon hydrotherapy. The patient is offered to lie down on his back or side and asked to relax. The doctor can do a light massage of the abdomen to activate the intestines.

The equipment has a particular hermetic structure. Due to that all the liquid coming out of the colon goes directly to the sewage system. At the same time, a person can see the contents of his intestines but will not feel any unpleasant odours.