Colonic irrigation in Croydon

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 2nd December 2018

The method of colon hydrotherapy is based on cleansing the large intestine using filtered, ozonised water, during which the colon is repeatedly filled with water and emptied. Colonic irrigation in Croydon in our clinic is carried out under the supervision of professionals who hold a preliminary consultation and explain the main stages and advantages of the method.
The main influencing factors of Colonic irrigation in Croydon are:

  • hydromassage of the large intestine;
  • temperature gradient
  • an analogue of a contrast shower;
  • flushing of the bowel with mineral water or herbal extract;
  • stimulation of the reflex zones, the effect on the mesasympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system “intestinal nervous system”.

When washing the large intestine, the functional activity of the colon increases, inflammatory manifestations decrease, having a beneficial effect on other digestive organs (liver, biliary tract, pancreas), and intestinal microflora is normalised.

What are the results of Colonic irrigation in Croydon?

Colonic irrigation in Croydon produces the following positive effects:

  • the normalisation of the secretory activity of the stomach;
  • improve food digestion;
  • the elimination of dysbiosis;
  • adjusting the composition, quality, distribution of protective mucus in the digestive system;
  • reduction of gas and bloating;
  • mild laxative and diuretic effects;
  • improving the quality of bile and normalising its discharge from the liver and gallbladder, the softening of gallstones;
  • prevention of kidney stones and anti-inflammatory effects;
  • mild stimulation of pancreatic function;
  • the normalisation of fat metabolism, the elimination of obesity and the prevention of premature ageing;
  • detoxification effect of removing toxins and radiation from the body;
  • restoring the structure of joints, teeth and bones;
  • the normalisation of water electrolyte metabolism in dehydration, acidosis and hangover syndrome;
  • solving some gynaecological problems; improvement of metabolic processes in the skin.

Indications of Colonic irrigation in Croydon are:

  • An intoxication of various etiologies, flatulence, intestinal dysbiosis, allergic, psoriasis, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome can be indications for colonic.
  • In addition to cleansing and rejuvenating the body, colonic irrigation in Croydon is performed using various useful formulations: medicinal herbs, compounds with Bifidus and lactobacteria, coffee extract, etc.