Colonic irrigation in Harrow

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 5th December 2018
Colonic irrigation in Harrow or improve your colon with hydrotherapy in Holborn. colonic gym

Colonic irrigation in Harrow is an effective deep colon cleansing technology. It is also a re-education of the bowel muscles. Learn how fresh and improved skin is and forget about excess weight, grey complexion and inflammation. We all try to eat healthily but forget about the moderation and caloric intake of food during the holidays. As a result, harmful substances accumulate on the walls of our intestines, which form toxins that disrupt the functioning of internal organs. In short, we put on weight, and our performance and immune system deteriorate.

Colonic irrigation in Harrow is a unique bowel cleansing technology. Firstly, it will allow you to eliminate excess weight in several sessions and improve your skin condition. Secondly, it solves problems with the gastrointestinal tract, dysbacteriosis, haemorrhoids, allergies, alcohol and other poisonings.

Up to fifty litres of the medicinal solution passes through the colon during one colonic hydrotherapy session. The procedure may include herbs, algae extracts, sorbents, or ozonised solutions. Therefore, it is possible to clear even the deepest sections of the colon.

Currently, colonic treatments are available at our Holborn location in the centre of London.

The effectiveness of colonic irrigation in Harrow

The effect of colonic irrigation in Harrow:

  • digestion, absorption of mineral salts and vitamins are improved;
  • formation of gases reduced;
  • The procedure cleans skin, liver, kidneys, blood and other eliminating systems;
  • sleep improves;
  • the efficiency and resistance of the body increase;
  • the concentration of attention increases;
  • memory and vision improve.

Most people experience dramatic improvements in their health even after undergoing the first colon hydrotherapy session.

Bowel cleansing

Bowel cleansing or colon hydrotherapy is an essential system. Most importantly, that enhances the processes of rejuvenation and self-regulation of the body. It occurs through removing toxic gases, fermentation and decay of food, salts of heavy metals, lumps of the rejected old intestinal mucosa, and dry faecal matter.

One procedure of colonic hydrotherapy replaces 30 regular enemas with efficiency and, accordingly, normalises the processes of absorption and natural elimination of food, helping to cleanse the body of toxins and activating the body’s self-healing forces.