Colonic irrigation in Hillingdon

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 5th December 2018

The gut is the basis of the healthy functioning of the whole body. But the nutrition of a modern person, consisting of a large amount of heavily saturated food, contributes to the occurrence of constipation.
Colon clogged with waste can lead to various diseases: obesity, allergies, atherosclerosis, depression, diabetes, hypertension, etc. To ensure yourself against the occurrence of unpleasant ailments, you need to ensure that the bowels function without failures.
Colonic irrigation in Hillingdon is effective prevention and, at the same time, a method of treating diseases associated with colon dysfunction. This is a modern wellness method that allows you to clear the sections of the large intestine. The procedure is popular due to its high efficiency.
Faeces, mucus, petrified excrements are secreted from the colon during colonic hydrotherapy, which accumulated there for years. A person cannot get rid of that without any assistance. The effectiveness of this method is 20 times higher than the efficacy of enemas. Petrified faecal matter and faeces are dissolved in water and removed. The colon regains its former shape getting rid of waste, while the peristalsis and the tone of the muscle fibres improve. The bowels begin to function better; therefore the time of its natural cleansing is reduced.

What is the effect of Colonic irrigation in Hillingdon on the body?

The timely elimination of the products of digestion is not the only function of the bowels. Besides, it plays an essential role in the formation of the human immune system. People suffering from chronic constipation are more likely to get sick because the protective functions of the body deteriorated. Colonic irrigation in Hillingdon helps boost the immune system and increase resistance to ailments.
A patient gets rid of apathy and depression after the treatment. The person becomes vigorous, and his working capacity increases. Besides, it can affect the appearance of the patient. Skin rashes disappear, skin condition and complexion improves. Many people who have received this treatment notice weight loss. And this is not surprising. Some obese people “carry” up to 25 pounds of compacted faecal matter in their intestines. Having passed colonic hydrotherapy, they get rid of excess freight that promotes the reduction of weight.
The patient comes to the consultation with the therapist before treatment, where possible indications and contraindications are detected. Also during the meeting, the specialist determines which solution to use for this particular colonic irrigation session in Hillingdon. Usually, it contains mineral water, herbal extracts, sorbents, etc. The composition of the solution may vary slightly depending on the indications for the therapy. Most often, this method is accompanied by taking pills that are designed to enhance the process of purification and recovery.